Account Wiped? Years Of Progress GONE

My only issue right now is that my account is basically gone. No skins. No gold guns. Years and years of progress just GONE.

Obviously it’s all cosmetic and at the end of the day doesn’t affect how well I play, but it’s just the concept.

Why is all my stuff gone? Why did a wipe even happen in the first place???

I can wait an hour to get into the game, I can pay for a battle pass, none of that bothers me. Just give me my stuff back.


Have you raised a ticket with Blizzard support?

Do you still have access to all heroes?

All my stuff is gone, AND I had to unlock the heroes manually and go through them tutorial. The cherry on the top is I logged in today and found that a load of base heroes have gone back to being locked (including all new heroes) and there is no ‘challenge’ to complete to unlock them again. I’m basically locked out of half the roster right now.


Check out the post below. Might answer your question on what happened to your stuff.

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I have most (If not all cosmetics), but whole competitive statistic history is wiped out, no top500 icons no nothing

Yep, and was told that “it’s a known issue with no fix date.” And then they asked if I made sure it was the right account linked. I’ve only ever had one console account and one Blizzard account my entire OW career lol it’s 1000% correct, and it’s an error on their end that’s upsetting thousands of players. How hard is it to just restore that kind of thing? It’s all data and it never really goes anywhere.

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They literally said they have a client side fixed which will be released next week

I’ve seen that - unacceptable honestly.

yeah this issue happened to 95% of users. I have the same issue.