Account wiped, thanks blizzard

I’ve lost ALL of my data. Hundreds of hours of progress is gone, My skins have disappeared. Golden guns are no longer on my account. Everything’s been wiped and I couldn’t be more disappointed.
Just when I thought the 40000 people in queue were the worst it could get my account has been wiped clean and I’m back at level 1. All the money I spent on getting event skins, the time I spent getting golden guns. Gone.
In my opinion there isn’t a worse way to chase off people who used to enjoy playing overwatch 1 in the past.
Just another Blizzard Failure.
In my eyes they’ve lost all credibility since they’re not clear about when, and how they’re going to fix the issue.
And the fun thing is, even if I were to try to get all of my skins back. They’re locked behind a battlepass paywall now.
Thanks blizzard for ruining the experience for not only me, but everyone else.
You chased off the entire console community within 6 hours of launch.


same issue here they wont even mention it either, they are clearly aware of the situation yet saying nothing about it.

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All they have to do is acknowledge the problem on their official twitter and say they’re working on it. Yet the fact they have not yet done that baffles me.

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its worrying tbh. the fact that they haven’t even mentioned it makes me think they aren’t gonna do anything about it

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If they don’t at least try fixing the issue I’m sure there’s going to a nice little lawsuit waiting for them.

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It’s not gone.

I think you misunderstood me.
It’s not “Missing cosmetics”.
It’s “Missing account”.
Everything’s gone.

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I didn’t misunderstand. You’re experiencing a bug.

but “missing cosmetics” is a little different from the account showing up as a completely fresh one as if you never even played the game before.

I tried to type in game and it told me my account was too new… I’ve had this account for like 4 years or something

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That links to literally nothing.

They deleted the first post and created a new one:

ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS are in #announcements

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