Account merging

anyone else not able to merge their accounts? I click account merge but get nothing but a little sound, no “in queue” or anything


Which accounts are you trying to merge?

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my ps4 account trying to get everything from ow1 over to ow2

Merging is only for cross-platform accounts. For example if you have an xbox account and a PS account, or a Nintendo account and a PC account, or one of each.

If you only ever played on PS, then you don’t need to merge. If your OW1 items are missing it’s just an account sync problem and Blizzard is aware of the issue and is working on it.


ohh alright thank you

I have over 2000 hours on Xbox and I tried to merge it to my pc and it won’t work. It says it’ll be ready in a minute and to close the game but it doesn’t work. What is going on? Is blizzard aware of this?


same problem for me trying to merge my old xbox account to my PC account

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Yep. It won’t work and I’m concerned bc they’re not saying a word. No updates. My pal did the merge from Xbox to pc and it worked fine. Mine will not do anything.


My stuff merged after 36 hours

Same for me from ps to xbox. On release day i had everything and yesterday around this time i got kicked out of the game. Everysince the shop is missing & my progress as well. Also i can only choose a limited number of heros i ranked. Relogin should most likely fix but idk risky with this queue bug. Blizzard absolutely aware tho. I had all skins, pfp and could enter the shop. Now i cant even change my pfp even tho i already did on 04.10. :(:

I have played Overwatch 1 and when I merged my account I got all of my skins and stats, but I still can’t play competitive mode. It says all new players must win 50 matches, but I thought if you were an existing player from Overwatch 1 you won’t have to do this.

I tried to merge my ps4 and xbox accounts and it told me to restart the game and no im gettung disconnected to server. It wont let me back in!!! So annoying!

After merging my account, Xbox account into PC (Both pre-existing accounts), all my cosmetics and points merged correctly however my PC level’s got deleted/ reset instead of combined :frowning:

I have been trying to merge my accounts for the past few days and whenever I reach the start of the queue a prompt comes up saying ‘You’re Ready For Migration!’ but when I close the prompt it just puts me back into the queue and I am usually set back to 30,000. This has been happening continuously and I don’t know how to fix it.

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They actually told us this was gonna happen unfortunately. It’s on purpose. They just picked the account with the highest level and used that. Even though they added the hours to our profiles.

Would I need to merge my account if I played OW1 on a last gen console and I’m switching over to a PS5 edition of the game?