Account merging issue

So I’m not 100% sure if I did it correctly and I know that a lot of people are having issues with merging and whatnot, but from me logging into my PS4 OW2 and PC OW2 it looks like the merging either isn’t updated properly or used my PC’s info because I had 3 years worth of levels and skins and loot from overwatch on my PS4 account and now when I log into OW2 on both platforms I have nothing and it’s my PC’s old statistics and skins etc. please tell me there is something you can tell me on your end.


This is exactly what’s happened to me, hopefully it’s just a bug and our stuff is returned soon

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it’s a known bug- Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

I had a similar issue as well. Are you able to play competitive or do you need to win the 50 quick play matches for new players? It says I need to do that on top of all my skins being gone. Hope this gets fixed

Does anyone know what happened? ive been waiting in the Account Merge Queue since the 4th and i still havent merged please help


I can’t access Overwatch2 and I can’t merge the account

i dont get the merge option when signing onto my xbox ad yes both my xbox and pc are connected together. anyone know why?

i had to do the challenge because my account still hasnt merged

same. my queue just resets everytime it completes.

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Same here! My merge queue continually resets every time it “completes.”

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Yea mine too my xbox account wont merge and it’s confirmed already but the queue just resets every time it reaches 0 and then gos to like 20k in queue again

same thing happened to me - Lost everything =( I had like 15 gold guns =(