Account adoption. Bad or is it okay?

One of my friends I used to play overwatch with, recently stopped playing. I asked if I could just have their account and they said okay. In comp they played at around the 1800 range while i play at 2700-2800. I now own thier account and in comp have to play at that lower rank. But I am not throwing or anything I am trying my best. Is this wrong to do or does it seem okay?

Technically not allowed, but eh go for it.

I get that account sharing is against the rule, but does it still apply if I am the new owner and the only one using it? Im not sure how thats seen

basically like giving someone an alt acc, but this might technically apply to boosting so it might not be allowed. as far as ik creating extra acc is totally fine in blizzes eyes an if u dont have another acc then bliz might just not care.

Yea I could see how it could qualify as boosting but Im still not sure if itll qualify if im the onlt one using it. I just dont wanna get any unnecessary bans.

First mistake was asking about this here :smile:

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Well if I do get a ban ill take it cuz if I broke the rules ill expect to be punished for it but still lol

Technically 100% against the rules. Im pretty sure you are ok. Not heavily enforced or enforceable. How would they prevent siblings or spouses from getting on each others accounts? Theres really no way to hard enforce this rule. There are just too many exceptions and unknowns for them to be sure someone is sharing and not just on vacation or something.

Im pretty sure even if someone is deceased that they are expected to take their account to the grave :confused:

I have done this. I think sharing implies you both use it and boosting is to get it higher and give it back to the original worse player. What you’re talking about is no different than having a second account and placing lower than your main.

A lot of players do this. I have done it before. Adopting an account is basically like buying an account, which is not against the rules. The only reasons why it would be punishable is if you are throwing or being toxic. Otherwise they have no rules against buying new accounts (They get money from it, so why would they) But if you do well in a game and people suspect you are smurfing and they report you, you will NOT get banned because there is not sufficient evidence of you smurfing. Even if you say “I’m smurfing” in a game and Blizzard checks the logs, those are just words. So its allowed as long as you don’t break any rules on it. But this is also a contreversay because it is unfair when you are in gold and a plat smurf is carrying the team. But yet Blizzard has no rules against it.

It is against the ToS to transfer accounts. The only exception is an account owned by a parent can be played by their child.

From the EULA, B.iii:

You may not transfer your rights and obligations to use the Platform.

Then why do so many people do it and not get banned? Why does Blizzard allow streamers to do it? xQc owns a smurf account and he streams almost every day. But does Blizzard do anything about it? No. The reason is because they MAKE MONEY. They don’t care if people spend more money as long as they maintain the rules inside the Code of Conduct. The only reason they would be banned is if they were banned for cheating on a different account, then that would be considered ban evading. They obviously could easily make a software that checks IPs to make sure you aren’t on a different account. But they would have to sacrifice not gaining as much money and losing players. Think about it. If you play Overwatch consistantly you run into at least 1 smurf EVERY DAY. The majority of smurfs are probably either muted or suspended/banned. If they couldn’t have smurfs, They would lose A LOT of players. Then Overwatch would die faster. They want to keep this game ongoing for as long as they can because they make money off of it consistently. This is why they don’t take action.

Then why do so many people commit crimes, and are not in jail?

Blizzard doesn’t have a perfect ToS violation detection and banning system. Also, not every ToS violation merits an insta perma ban.

You’re confusing smurfing and account sharing, which are different things.