According to my research....[Brigitte discussion]


First ok Dorothy Ann (real ones will know this reference)
Second i vote we Remove Brig and Mercy forever tuh dah games good


Let’s check some different numbers… SHE HAS THE HIGHEST WINRATE IN THE GAME OF ANY HERO.


Highest winrate at GM is Doomfist.

And before Briggite it was Sym for a long time should we nerf her too? oh wait…


Lol, all due respect, I didn’t complain about getting killed by DPS, it’s gonna happen. But I see nothing but complaining about how one hero ruined their fun. I still can’t believe how long it’s been since she was released and some people still can’t find out a way to beat her.


Most people have,

I have had Brig games where the Tracers and Genji’s just dance around me you can try and stun them but they just rewind or dash away if you get too close.


Exactly, she can be beaten, they just have to work a little harder to get it, but that seems like a big problem to some. Some feel they shouldn’t have to work for the kill.


You use numbers to argue why she’s balanced, but when I use them to argue she is imbalanced I’m invalid…sure. Also, have a look at this little nugget from the devs

And winrate in 1% of the players interests me not at all. Doomfist is buggy as hell and has too many animation locks to be all that viable.

I know how to beat her, but the issue is that I am stuck filling support 50% of the time and tank the other 50% of the time and there isn’t a single person in there that can deal with her reliably.

That is unbelievably hypocritical. You wanna know who doesn’t have to work for the kill? Brig. I can’t belive you are talking down to skill based heroes for having to work for a kill. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean that securing a kill is easily. And pls, CAN be killed? give me a break. Mercy with mas rez COULD be killed. Genji with infini-blade COULD be killed. it’s not a question of whether they CAN be killedc it is whether they can be reliably killed.


She has a high winrate because she is only chosen for specific fights where she shines. It’s called using the right tool for the job. I think that’s a concept OTPs will struggle with.


I use numbers to argue why she’s balanced and the number you used were incorrect!

You said she has the highest winrate in the game which is wrong!

And you may not care “About the 1%” but that’s what Blizzard bases most of their changes on. The high-end and the OWL.

They don’t care that some gold tracers can’t count 6 yards.

And she is only chosen against Dive, if that team chooses to keep trying dive, they will lose simple as that.


Direct quote from the devs is wrong…might want to rethink that one.

Have you ever heard of a comp called GOATS? That isn’t run because the enemy went dive, it is run because it is easy and insanely effective.


Direct quote from the dev clearly reads SUPPORTS not ALL

Jesus re-read your own crap will you?

And no never heard of this comp you are talking about what’s in it?


Maybe reread that quote.


Biggest winrate in support. are you happy? Supports are in every game and there is little variety to choose from. Big enough to warrant a nerf to her. I don’t see doomfist getting a nerf because of his high winrate in gm. Also, A three star hero is able to be used to great effect when played at the highest skill ceiling? NO WAY he is more effective because he has a high skill ceiling and has reached it and is better than my 1 star hero that I have at max played 1.5 seasons with pls nerf devs there should be more counters to skill.

A brig main who hasn’t heard of GOATS? That’s a new one. It’s also called brawl comp or deathball comp? Moira, lucio, brig, rein, dva/winston, zarya? Are you dead serious that you’ve never seen this?


Wow, I use a very relevant quote but use information that is from when her bash was one sec shorter. Sue me. How about you make an argument about why she should have the highest SUPPORT (are you happy?) winrate in the game and have the lowest skill floor of any hero in the game.


Yes i am happy, if you’re going to present something as fact it should be so.

And that star system is for new players to gauge the game it means nothing to anyone with any account level above 100.

And no i have never seen that comp used.

The only comps i seem to bump into regularly are double sniper or people still using DVA Winston dives.


130 people leave the game.
A vast number of Pro players leave the game.
The community still defends the state of the game.

The game isn’t ok.
It needs to be cleansed.
With a flamethrower.


You are not the only one!

No dps player want to have anything to do with Brigitte. She is the only reason every dps went sniper.

The funny thing is she excludes herself from the double sniper meta she created


The pro (by pro’s i am assuming you mean streamers) players are leaving the game because it’s 2 years old and the “Shine” has worn off, meaning it cannot generate the view counts they used to when the game came out.

Most have gone to Fortnite and used the poor state of the game as an excuse to do this without looking like a total sellout.

You you who also did this? Dafran until he realised he couldn’t pull in the same viewer numbers or more, he was back in the game despite nothing changing very quickly.


What rock are you living under? GOATS is everywhere, and you seriously see dive comp with regularity? Really?

Then let me lay it out plain and simple. She has the lowest skill floor in the game, and the highest impact on the game in return. No stars there, just truth. If you are going to argue the skill floor I will likely ignore you as you are likely trolling. As for impact. She created the two most boring metas in the game. grav dragon and brawl/deathball/GOATS comp. Even when she is not being played she has a high impact because if you run dive all the enemy team has to do is have a dps switch to brig and your chances of winning are gone.


And dropping viewcounts just happen for no apparent reason you think?
Nah man, I don’t buy your argument. Tim made a very good video about why the game isn’t good at the moment. It’s a very clear and very obvious message. He is serious about it and it’s not an excuse at all. This meta is really really bad.


Again, fun is subjective and has no relevance to the discussion. The game shouldn’t be balanced around new players or the bottom of the SR tier where the worst players are. That’s not how balancing works.

Brigitte has a low skill floor and not surprisingly a lowered skill ceiling just like old Symmetra. She can be outplayed by smart and good players and she is not OP.

Feel free to point me to your post, I don’t recall specific posts made by everyone, you are not that important.

I’m not a Brigitte main if you actually checked my profile. I can play any hero well at this point. I don’t have “mains”. If you want to quit the game, quit it. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.