About the Sombra nerf, here's a few ideas

Good call for Shadow Step’s voiceline to be removed, as it’s supposed to give an element of surprise, but Sombra had a major nerf, and although I’m not complaining too much about it (except for having to twiddle my fingers for 5 seconds every time I translocate back to a health pack before setting it back down again cuz I’m that kind of Sombra player) I feel like she shouldn’t have a voiceline either for coming out of camouflage, for the exact same reason as Shadow Step had its voicelines removed.

Also I’ve always thought that she should be able to begin a hack from camouflage as it simultaneously cancels it, instead of : wait for camouflage to wear off (and voiceline plays) > start hack. This should be a counterbalance to the extra full second it takes to hack now, which makes it almost impossible when there’s almost always auto-lock-on turrets out and about, shields in the way, stray shots putting you out of camouflage, etc.

I lied when I said I wasn’t complaining too much. I’m complaining a little bit.

Seems like a massive nerf to what was already the lowest win rate champion in the game at all ranks.

How are you supposed to pull off a hack that takes de-stealth + 1.15 seconds? That’s like a 2.85 second hack time. The only thing that can’t dodge/interrupt that is a healthpack, and at this point I’m not even sure healthpacks will get hacked.

And then with the translocator nerf, she is going to lose 5 seconds of tempo every time she goes back to her healthpack waiting around to place her translocator again. So she will be even more irrelevant than before?

Why not just take her gun away too at this point.

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That experimental was trying to delete her

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