About the smurfs and toxicity in OW2

So like lol what’s going to happen in overwatch 2, what’s going to change with the toxicity, and smurfs? Is it going to be the same? Wonder if they’ll mention that soon :no_mouth:

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AndyB did recently post about this the week before…

Understand that abusive chat, gameplay disruption such as throwing, and cheating are all very real issues that affect every online team-based video game, and those disruptive behaviors are always evolving. While I do agree that the last couple of years, the amount of effort to stop disruptive players has been non-transparent, I also know it is not a problem easily controlled.

One of my biggest goals as a forum MVP is to encourage members to be aware of the tools you currently have available to help minimize the impact of disruptive players. This includes using the in-game report form, using social control features like squelch chat, mute, block, and avoid as teammate. I also encourage everything to remember that a positive Overwatch experience begins with each of you. It can be really easy to get frustrated with another player if they are not performing well, but it is important to remember to communicate and be constructive in a way that can motivate positive change. It’s not easy but it really is worth doing if you can.

Of course, it is my goal as a video game player overall to keep companies like Blizzard accountable for their efforts to stop disruptive behaviors, and I work to pass on feedback where I can that I hope makes a difference in Overwatch. I also make sure I listen to both developers and players from all games to see what is being done in different games too to help shape my feedback.


There are tools as mentioned above to report people, but the fact that OW2 pvp will be free2play only leaves me concerned about the future.


Bingo! F2P will be a harbinger of death for current dedicated players. What’s next, a marketplace to sell cosmetics?

I wish in overwatch 2 they would try to highlight more of the good things players do in the game so people would feel less like their team is doing nothing. An example of ways to do this could be just giving ball players assist for the people you boop. In live game you can boop 6 players into hanzo dragon so that he kills entire enemy team but you dont get a single assist from it. That makes it so that your value is alot harder to see and its easier for your team to think you are throwing their videogame.

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If only this game had clans so we could play as actual teams…

Ah yes, “Soon”.

I dunno if I’ve ever seen evidence of blizzard giving any attention to the forums but my feedback is the constant stream of new alt accounts are being created to screw with the matchmaker (ie smurf) and be abusive with no consequence. This is why don’t really play much anymore at least.

I’m worried Blizz will make Overwatch 2 free to play but will not have the time or resources to change how the ranked system works. For example will new accounts continue to place in gold? Will new accounts still have the boosted sr gain for the first 20 matches? Will anything change to stop someone who gets banned from just making another account the same day?