About the recent PTR patch

I honeslty think it would be the right step to put these in the live servers by Tuesday (May 8th) because the game REALLY needs these changes, asap

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I’m gonna guess that they want these changes out for Stage 4, so hopefully they’re soon. I could be wrong though.

I want Rialto in Comp soon too! :frowning:

But do they really? My assumption is that they released Brigitte in this state because they wanted the meta to shift and these changes would require a bit of testing to see if they do or do not address the problem.

Per their newer policy all new maps and heroes will not appear until the next eligible competitive season. You will need to wait for late June for that.

Source: New Heroes and Maps in Competitive Play

I mean, with the negative feedback the Mercy meta got I don’t see them wanting a Brigitte-focused meta for a whole stage.

I am hoping, that is adjusted. I dont like that concept.

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OH NO, not again, if the same thing happens to next hero its gonna be bad. We cant wait weeks to have her in live, then 2 more months to have her in comp and put the game in the bad state that it is.

I’m not sure. People probably want a non-dive season. It’s probably intentional that they make a broken hero to force a meta swap.

To clarify, balance changes to existing heroes and maps go live the instant they are released into the game. Only NEWLY released heroes and maps are held off until the start of a new competitive season.

From what I have been told, they are happy with this recent change of policy, and I kinda agree with them. Now I wish new releases would be held off until around mid season so that by the time they go live, only one or two weeks will go by before they are Competitive eligible. But that is just me.

Yikes, putting a further gate on new content is…questionable to me. I would have hoped the feedback would have had them rethink that.

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Man look at Orisa and moira, they both had small times before being able to play in comp and they turned out AMAZING.

Not necessarily. During the initial phase of their release players would insta-pick those heroes without any real experience often to the jargon of their teammates and caused a lot of competitive toxicity. I very much remember Orisa who was signficantly underpowered to her current form, was often considered a troll pick.

This is fair, but whole season? Excessive.