About the new sym rework

Nope. Just a thread Geoff Goodman details her in.

Gun is now a straight, fat beam with higher damage. Takes longer to ramp up, but also hitting shields increases the damage(just like hitting anyone) and eats the barrier to become ammo.

Teleporter exit can be created at 25m out and the entrance then appears in front of Symmetra. Also is her new E.

Only three turrets, but double power, triple HP. They can be launched into place like they were Pharah rockets

Alternate fire only takes one second to charge, moved triple speed and explodes on impact. No longer pierces shields

Ult is now 5000 hp barrier that extends infinitely high and wide. Can be used to split entire areas.

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Not on the ptr yet. They were just some ideas they had for a new sym rework.

I don’t get the ult but the primary being an infinite shield bust while technicallu not consuming ammo sounds a bit off

Don’t worry. With how people are reacting on the forums I doubt the changes even hit ptr.

Never actually seen them affected by what the forums think, it’ll hit ptr 100%.

While she is getting changed pretty heavily I welcome it. I have over 200 hours on her and she really loses effectiveness once you get past gold. The new symm sounds super impactful. And she is still a hybrid character.

Eh idk, the changes aren’t even final yet (from what i know anyway). It might be like Hanzo where they said they went through a few different ideas on how the hero is changed

nah man, she is pure defense

When she is damaging shields with primary fire, she regains ammo rather than losing it. Like she is absorbing the hard light.

Well her teleporter still functions as a supportive ability. And her new ult sounds like a tank ult. She will fit fine in a 2-2-2 comp finally.

in what role? dps? tank? support with her tele? dunno
will she has good dps? it take zarya’s pin point aim to have it, tracking skill is not easy to master. Now she is gonna be a dps for people that can play Tracer, Sombra, Zarya, DVa, now add Sym
Tank? the new ult isnt gonna be good, its use depend on the situation (protect urself or split the map or the point…)
support? tele is somewhat used as an escape option BUT it has to be quick, or else it will be used for having non mobility heroes on ur team to get access to some places and make flank route, something good but not perfect
Turrets wont be used to defense as effective because it will still begone as fast, i prefer use it in 1v1 situation where i shoot 1 down the ground for instant damage and slow then beam my opponent

Yeah I got that. My point is just that she can ramp up the damage as well and if it’s a 1-1 ratio of ammo consumed to ammo converted when hitting barriers then it might be a bit too good.

On the other hand, new TP sounds super interesting as it gives her and the team ways to completely ignore chokes and give flank opportunities that previously required Sym to flank herself and her team to die.

Oh. Then yeah, it might be. I imagine it will change before release. Or it will degrade faster than we expect.

They are still tweaking, so any of it can change regardless.

Yeah I might have phrased my sentence wrongly, I just meant that regardless of the forums opinion, if they have set their plans on something they’ll do it.

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Couple small corrections, they didn’t say that alt fire won’t pierce shields, only enemies, and that it explodes on contact with enemies and terrain. The sentries’ HP was multiplied by 30, not tripled. Otherwise this seems like an accurate and concise summary.

I am certain they said it wouldn’t

Emphasis on:

Nothing about barriers mentioned.

Mother of god!

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she sounds interesting, i can understand symm one tricks, they are forced to learn new hero, which is new concept for them, they will adapt in time