About the new hello function

In season 5 a new update has been implicated that makes it so whenever someone says something like hello, thanks, etc, if they change heroes, or if they get on fire the voice line for these will be whispered in all your teammates ears no matter the distance from the user of the voice line and it is incredibly harmful to gameplay, I try to ignore it but it has pulled my attention away from 1v1s to get myself killed as well as have been a general nuisance in my gameplay, this is something no one asked for and I believe should be removed, or at least you have a choice on whether to activate this or not, please join me in bringing attention of this harmful update to blizzard and have it taken down. -Regards ShadowStorm


I agree with Shadowstorm. This does disrupt my gameplay and while I don’t think it should be removed, I do believe it should be a setting that you can toggle in either the Audio or Accessibility menu.


Apparently… there was a bug with the audio and their “fix” was just kinda turning off spacial audio for voicelines.

They said they’ll take care of it in “a future update”… so uh… yeah

All that money they’re taking in is certainly showing in the form of quality content!


actually if you read the patch notes there’s an issue with audio reverb. i’m pretty sure this will be reverted as it’s just an implication of the hasty change they’ve had to make to the method of applying reverb.


Ahh, here we go

So… at some point this will be fixed… sometime.

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They changed the reverb a lot, it sounds insane. Widowmaker’s submachine gun sounds like a laser gun

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patch within the next week or so. Would LOVE not to have to dig through twitter for this kinda info tho.


Same with Genji’s ammo buff. You have to look for a very specific tweet to find a tiny piece of info about important hero changes.

Turns out Genji’s buff is a mistake but they have decided to keep it in the live game and see how it goes.

You can’t make this sht up. Genji got buffed by mistake. This is Team4 right now. My God.

I was just reading that part. Welp… Genji players should be happy?

They really should, it’s a decent buff.


Seriously though, they say next week but given prior history my bet is at least 3 weeks away.

That sounds awesome actually. Now they should change it so “Yakety Sax” plays when she uses her primary fire.

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