About The Banned Topic

Yes it is. It’s an act of disrespect and actively showing disregard for other players. You know exactly what message you’re conveying by saying it, and you do it anyway.


Yeah, normal for toxic people. Stop being toxic and try having a better sportsmanship like attitude. This ban is to make you reflect on how toxic you are AFTER a game is over. Will you learn anything? maybe but I doubt it. The community can only hope you do.


Glad to know you got suspended. Did you learn your lesson?


Imagine asking to be catered to instead of learning your lesson


Because it won’t prevent anything. People as is already change how they type it to get around the text replacement strings. You will still see it in many other forms.

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Probably to annoy / tilt the other people, the usual reason people say it.


Just because one is capable of doing something doesn’t mean that it is right, or because you are capable there won’t be consequences.

What you are basically saying is, “Because I am physically capable of robbing a store, I should be able to rob that store without consequence, or if they want to stop me, they should make it physically imposible for me to rob that store”

ur argument is dumb. /topic

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Just add EZ to the filter…

Then again, free speech. I support free speech.

EZ is just a child’s end game response anyway. Let them have their fun.

The only thing the right of free speech is supposed to protect you from is legal consequences. Getting banned from a video game for breaking or trying to bypass it’s rules that you have to agree to beforehand is not a legal consequence. You don’t want free speech, you want to be free of consequences that inconvenience you.


Yes, so you would be insulting the enemy then… right?

It’s easy therefore i can call it easy.
You were playing too easy for me therefore you are playing bad.

Either the fault of the matchmaking or the player, honestly people would blame the player. Because you don’t even need to tell them it was an easy match, especially if it was a stomp for you.

I would write you a guide on how to deal with the thin skinned, but ultimately this thread will be deleted and I am not a fan of wasting time to that degree.

The short, don’t talk so damn much. If you want to be abrasive, pick and choose your moments carefully. You can only rack up so many offended care bear points at once.


If your old thread was deleted, why would you make a new one?

Clearly the mods of the forums also think you’re in the wrong.

Things are always done for a reason.

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words like EZ is bad unless you put it in form of a question like. “Is this EZ mode?” Then it is alright.

Policies try to undermine the constitution by saying that “we own this game” so you do what we say. They forget where this game is played.

The issue is that they can’t realistically block all variations.
rEZ (mercy’s skill)

So even with real uses that aren’t toxic, banning that string doesn’t work without being disruptive to the normal game.


All over the world…


If the player base is mostly communist would they try to run it that way?

Communists suppress free speech.

No and no.

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states that Congress shall make no law to abridge the freedom of speech.

The States, previous to the Civil War, could make whatever law they wanted to in this regard. They just didn’t. Fast forward to now and Freedom of Speech is this amalgamation of all types of different misunderstandings.

Yes, a company can censor whatever it wants to. I cannot think of a time where this wasn’t true. What is supposed to happen, if Americans were more clearly in the know, is when a company starts to censor things, Americans are supposed to stop utilizing things from said company. They just don’t.

The road of censorship is one of the most evil things any entity can travel. It is too bad so many people are okay with paying the toll.

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So then, to support the constitution we should all stop playing games that restrict free speech.

Let them wither and die.