About Genji right now

My man nani still trying to make the devs make genji a fine character

Love u nani lmao

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Then talk about her. You replying here contributed to bumping the thread. If you are so uninterested in Genji threads why did you show up and boost the visibility of one?


Because like it or not their experiences matter.
If Bastion was unkillable for the majority of the playerbase but easily dealt with in GM and OWL, we would nerf bastion because the metal ranks experiences matter and they want to have fun.

The majority of the player bases
's experiences must be considered when balancing.

Why do you talk about Genji in terms of tier like it’s objective? It’s a load of crap.
Whether you say Genji will be B tier or right now he’s D tier or he will be mid-tier doesn’t matter because it’s a terrible argument.
here I can do it too.
McCree is only B tier, if we revert the reload buff he’ll be at least B+ tier so it’s fine to revert it!
Silly isn’t it?

And this is a useless observation as well because Genji’s kit is quite potent and you talk as if every aspect of him is weak.
He has decent burst and both his abilities are very powerful and he has a really good passive too.

Perhaps if you actually described Genji’s issues (if he even has any major ones which he doesn’t really) then offered solutions describing your reasoning your posts might actually be well structured.

Rather than complaining about bugs that you never post video evidence of (and likely don’t exist) or saying 29 damage will make him only B tier, try actually elaborating and making a worthwhile post rather than this Genji spam that tells us where NaniOWO thinks Genji is on the imaginary tier list today.


Oh look another genji thread.

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dw bro it happened to me too, on the same day too

How about making his m1 usable beyond RNG ranged spam for ult charge farming?

It just boggles my mind that people just want to funnel all his base kit power into his m2. It’s his PRIMARY fire ffs.

I don’t want him contesting widows at 60m. But having it be semi reliable at mid- close range would be great. Would increase his skill ceiling by a tonne (as 99% of genji’s I come across really only use his m2).

Increase its projectile speed and reduce the spread between them so that you’re more likely to land more than 1 on a moving target.

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So? His secondary fire is his main part of his kit. It’s like saying “Its moiras primary fire, she should use it more” Or “Its anas primary fire, she should use it more”, etc.

His primary fire has never really been an important part of his kit. It’s mainly for building ult charge, maybe poking the widow or something from range.

Why in gods name would you compare that to supports?

Do you think soldier mains would be happy if helix was so bad it was nigh unusable?

Do you think mccree mains would be happy if fan was nigh unusable?

Maybe genji would actually be in a decent place if he didn’t have to always be on top of someone to do anything.

Its been proved already that channelling an insane amount of relative power just into this right click makes him overpowered and obnoxious (especially without hefty ult charge nerfs). It wouldn’t be game breaking to just TRY some m1 buffs and see where he ends up. It hadn’t been touched in forever.


I compared them to supports because you main supports, but if you insist, ill compare them to DPS as well.
Ashes primary fire
Doomfists primary fire
Widows primary fire
Arguably meis primary fire

What you guys don’t get is that genji is fine in the ranks you are at.

Stop repeating what your fav streamer says.

If you can’t climb with current genji to at least high masters it’s on you.

Making genji more difficult to play will make it so that you lose SR.

Straight up buffing him will make him too strong at low to middle ranks.

And no, genji is not difficult to play at low to middle ranks. He is. extremely forgiving

So either remove the stuff that makes him too forgiving or let him stay where he is at.


I understand genji is considered underpowered in higher ranks, I get that. but he wipes the floor in mid ranks and below. any buffs to him would just cause frustration and only appease the smallest portion of players



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Of course not I would never. But circumventing bans is against the CoC and as the good forum citizen that I am I must let the moderators know :pensive:

proper high school prefect vibes there


If only all of us had that mindset, eh?

There were no considerable patchnotes with nerfs towards low ranks, bastion was only buffed from time to time and this never changed his position between ranks still. If low elo want to have fun they must to do hard work first, then, may be then you’ll be able to smurf to have fun. All recent and previous balance changes was revolved aroud high ranks as it should be. Imagine changing competitive game in order to please less competitive players, what’s the point of compete then? Hardstuck in one rank and complain there? Is that your point? Not working like that, my delusional friend. To ask about balance changes you should play hero at his full potential first, othervwse it doesn’t make any sense.

Bastion is extremely weak in owl and gm.

If they were only balancing around that rank they’d buff him,yet they do not.

Here is a quote.

As you can see, they keep lower skill brackets in mind.

That’s one of the reasons why buffing genji is so difficult.


Do you realise you don’t need buff heroes for low elo if these heroes were designed to be able only to play at low elo already? Bastion, sym, junk, reapper. And some of them are usable even in owl from time to time.

he gives you word of favour with it, no actual actions, cause he is not stupid and he understand casuals are casuals and game is for compete.

But you need to buff them for gm and owl.

I think we both agree that, statistically, bastion is weak im gm and owl.

Yet they don’t buff him because they are scared that he may ruin, as you say, “casual play”.

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Post restored. Yay. :blush:

False flag removed.