About Genji right now


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Of course not I would never. But circumventing bans is against the CoC and as the good forum citizen that I am I must let the moderators know :pensive:

proper high school prefect vibes there


If only all of us had that mindset, eh?

There were no considerable patchnotes with nerfs towards low ranks, bastion was only buffed from time to time and this never changed his position between ranks still. If low elo want to have fun they must to do hard work first, then, may be then you’ll be able to smurf to have fun. All recent and previous balance changes was revolved aroud high ranks as it should be. Imagine changing competitive game in order to please less competitive players, what’s the point of compete then? Hardstuck in one rank and complain there? Is that your point? Not working like that, my delusional friend. To ask about balance changes you should play hero at his full potential first, othervwse it doesn’t make any sense.

Bastion is extremely weak in owl and gm.

If they were only balancing around that rank they’d buff him,yet they do not.

Here is a quote.

As you can see, they keep lower skill brackets in mind.

That’s one of the reasons why buffing genji is so difficult.


Do you realise you don’t need buff heroes for low elo if these heroes were designed to be able only to play at low elo already? Bastion, sym, junk, reapper. And some of them are usable even in owl from time to time.

he gives you word of favour with it, no actual actions, cause he is not stupid and he understand casuals are casuals and game is for compete.

But you need to buff them for gm and owl.

I think we both agree that, statistically, bastion is weak im gm and owl.

Yet they don’t buff him because they are scared that he may ruin, as you say, “casual play”.

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Not true.
A lot of balance changes are done for high ranks WHILE considering low ranks.
For example:
Sym’s Turret nerfs
Reaper’s lifesteal nerfs
Never buffing Bastion loads

They make changes that consider the fun of low ranks.

No matter what they do THEY DO CONSIDER LOW RANKS, because if they ruin the game for them, nobody has fun and the game has no players.
They balance around high ranks while making low ranks fun.
Not everybody has the time to “get good” and if you aren’t having fun “while getting good” then you won’t bother. I’ve been playing years and I’ve only managed to go from gold to mid diamond. If the game wasn’t fun I’d never have bothered.

Considering low ranks is important and not delusional at all.

Imagine having a competitive game nobody plays because it’s not fun til you play at the highest levels and play perfectly.

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OWL dont need pepega heroes designed for pepega elo for pepega play.

That’s a good point! Forced climbing! I like the way you’re thinking! Keep it up!

This is why i’m saying that if they correctly address CC and healing in OW2 Genji will be A/S tier hero easily depending on the monsters they are creating. We don’t need further buffs, just bug fixes and nerfs to some heroes/abilities.

he doesnt need buff,

but if he was, maybe i just want my triple jump back, just to make him more fun

i rather they nerf alot of powercreep heroes


I just wish dash wouldn’t noodlify his hotbox and deflect would actually work instantly instead of going on CD and dying anyways

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Great. Now could you stop doing it to everyone else? We’re trying to have a civil discussion that isn’t being policed by somebody who makes even Eggman tremble with his alternative accounts.


Who asked?

I’d give him: infinite wallclimb (Lúcio can literally be in the skybox as long as he wants and hes a support so why can’t Genji/Hanzo when they only wallclimb vertically?), a tech involving dash and ledges that wasn’t as easy to execute and didn’t throw him into the skybox, last hit of dragon blade actually registers instead of canceling mid animation.

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maybe for genji

but for hanzo is overkill, he allready good enough

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No, for both. The female ninja hero in ow2 will have a upgraded version of wallclimb, just wait for it. She will be able to use it horizontally and vertically. They’re making every post release hero as busted as they can while lacking weaknesses so mark my words that will happen.

There are other ways to buff him - especially mobility since he has been power crept there.

Higher jump hight + faster fall speed
Faster wall climb
Faster run speed