About Genji right now

With the recent patch from the hitscan nerf, I believe if blizzard continues with the powercreep nerfing, heroes like genji would not be in need of buffs actually! But of course the hitscan nerf alone isnt enough to make genji into mid tier. However you like to take the game’s balance direction: “adding powercreep or lowering powercreep,” i believe that nerfing powercreep all together will make the game in a healthier state.

As of now, genji needs a small net buff still. It’ll be fine as long as you keep blade in check if you were to buff him. The buffs would be more primarily in base kit where he lacks but also to nerf his ult kit if necessary, resulting into a net buff in base kit. but if the powercreep nerfs keep happening, then he wont need buffs at all other than bug fixes! Not just genji, but with some other heroes that are similar to genji’s state! As of now, we’ll have to see if the recent patch has diversified hero pools, and you dont see the same handful of heroes putting the rest to shame.

Genji is underpowered still (primarily in base kit), but maybe with other patches that might result into more powercreep nerf, he wouldnt need any changes. I’d be fine with either direction they take as long as genji, the character himself is mid tier and not too focused or reliant on “nanoblade bot” just to be “viable.” Thank you :3


I wonder if 29 dmg shurikens would break him :eyes:

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I wonder what are some buffs that would only affect GM genjis but not mid rank genjis?


Buffing melee damage maybe? But we know Blizz won’t do that.

30 with his buffed spread definitely did. 29 would be fine currently unless powercreep got nerfed further more. then 28 would’ve been fine. 29 would be decent but to also look at nerfing spread and ult charge if necessary to avoid another June 2020 mayhem again.

Personally i think dmg can help, but something like spread being nerfed or if necessary, ult being nerfed wont affect GM genjis much. I think most GM genjis would do fine with a buffed base kit and less dependent on ult kit if anything. I believe what would help mid rank genjis less is to nerf the ult department. But to help higher rank genjis as you can climb with him is to help with base kit and nerfing the dependency on ult kit.

I doubt that it would

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Shuriken dmg to 35 :pray:

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omni NO


You joke but I wouldnt be surprised if power creep was that high in a few years


He was never in need of buffs, every other dps was just overtuned.


I just hope they don’t do to him like they did last time

then all the genjis saying he wasn’t busted :joy: cause… the balance team came at Genji with 20 nerf guns lmao


You mean the spread buff?

nah there was a patch where he got tons of buffs in 1 go lol but maybe that was one of them i can’t remember :joy:

why would you consider mid ranks in terms of balancing, when low ranks meant to improve and get out of there.

That tight cone buff was absolute bs. I barely played him, and had 50 kills with that buff.

Because people complain he’s too good in mid ranks when I propose buffs

Omni YES

Lmao maybe.

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So get out of mid ranks? Improving will help you to deal with all your issues. You don’t want to improve - take issues as a consiquence.

But, metal ranks matter too

they had so much potential for him for a buff, but they decided to make him very OP then nerf him big after about a month

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