About FFA Deathmatch

So I played DM quite a lot when it first came out, and back then, we either had Château Guillard Deathmatch, or regular Deathmatch, with other maps, that were modified versions of normal maps. I would say the Château one was much more preferable, since it was the map the mode was built for.

But now, that we have all these wonderful FFA maps, i’m noticing an issue. I just started playing DM again, a few weeks ago, and all we had was the Malevento queue at all times, no other FFA. I was ok with this, since it was a new map, it was ok.

But now that Malevento has been out for a while, we got back to what I’m guessing is the normal rotation: Everyday we have 1 arcade slot dedicated to FFA, and it changes from map specific queues, to a queue with all maps, and a mystery FFA. What’s the point of this?

If I want to play FFA, I don’t want to just play the same map over and over again. It gets boring quite quickly. Also I would say that Petra is BY FAR the weakest DM map they have, so if I login to play some matches, and notice it is THAT DAY, then I just exit the game. Not to mention mystery FFA, that’s just is an idea that I don’t think should ever take up an arcade spot.

TLDR: Give us a permanent FFA DM queue with all FFA maps please


Unless OV/,Overwatch gives everyone a map vote like in any other online game
Then I’d say the sequel/second/II/2nd OV/Overwatch might have that feature

Also missed idea/suggestion for the first one/1/I

Agreed for the purpose of improving the rotation from what we have now, but I’m kind of conflicted.

I used to also want a permanent rotation with all maps, but now I find that there are a lot of times where I prefer playing one specific map over and over. I started playing a ton of Ashe and found that camping the outside area on Chateau is a hell of a lot of fun. Same with just going Torb and camping the big rock on Petra. Maybe if it rotated every three games or so then yeah.