About anti cheat system

Hi OW team.

I’m gonna ask sth about anti aimbot systems.
ARE THEY WORKING??? there are so many aimbots in KR server QP even in comp, I tried reporting system a lot and it never could stop them.

I’m recommending you guys to fix the system before you lost all the gamers. If you’re suspicious about my opinion, PLZ CONTACT KR BLIZZARD TEAM AND ASK THEM! THEY AREN’T WORKING AT ALL :frowning:

No, they can only ban quickly if it’s an old/known hack. No one knows (except maybe the experienced hackers) how long it takes blizz to catch up. There isn’t any real proof or information that reporting aimbots does anything.


thanks for reply. Its so hopeless solution

The problem is that when anti cheat is put into game, people who made cheats are making them to work around them.