Abnormally High Latency

I need to know if this is just me? Ever since the start of summer games I’ve been having abnormally high, game breaking latency. I want to know if any other folks have been having this issue.

Not I. Have you checked to see if you’re experiencing outtages with your ISP or if there’s a program running in the background which is causing your computer to either hog up bandwidth or processing?

I’m not 100% on how to check those…?

There have been a lot of people with obsurd latency issues for a while now. It’s one of the reasons why so many people desperately want an optimization patch from Blizzard.

Edit: HOWEVER, that does not mean this is 100% the issue. The problem can still be on your side.

I just wish there was a definitive way to check if it’s on my end or Blizzard’s.

There are definitive methods for checking. Which steps in the connection troubleshooting threads have you tried?

I’ll try these out! Going to take my dog out first to clear my head. Thank you for being patient with me <3