Abnerd - FPS issues

Over the last week I haven’t been able to get more than 30 fps, and typically I am getting 10-20. All my other games, Fornite, Apex, etc. are running fine. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, checked my drivers, cleared my drivers and reinstalled, and I still can’t get my game to be playable. Before a week ago I was at 160 fps, so it isn’t a hardware issue.

Any suggestions to help?

Using any Razer devices? They are mentioned in the stickies: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #19 by Drakuloth

Problem solved. Thanks. You’re a real life saver. No I can go back to getting stomped in Overwatch instead of Apex. We all need our safe spaces.

Glad that resolved it :slight_smile: