Ability to shoot dynamite


After playing Ashe for a while, I think the enemy team should be able to shoot at her dynamite. This would punish the player for bad postion or little to no game sense. For example , I’ve been against some Ashes who throw dynamite at barriers and it flings right back at their feet. If I was on high grounds, I should be able to shoot the dynamite to ignite it and then the Ashe will take damage. With the current settings, Ashe is able to run away with ease, and without being hurt.

It could be a double edged sword if your team isn’t paying attention and shoots at it. However the possibility of that on console is very low. Communication can solve this tho since it’s a team game.


Nah. Then it would have to have a set health, because you and everyone else is gonna be pissed when a stray d.va bullet taps your dynamite and it blows up in your face.


Make it destructable after it lands. It’s a very slow projectile and easily destroyed mid-flight, devalueing the ability immensely. But shooting it after it lands and still letting it explode, should be relatively doable. It mean people can’t just shoot it whenever they like, because they can still get teammates caught up in it. But it also allows them to clear it if nobody is in the blast radius and get rid of the zoning effect of the dynamite.

It would put more of a focus on having the Ashe player actually detonate it herself to get the most value out of it instead of just throwing it blindly into a choke.


Why not, enemy team can shoot Gangplank´s barrel in League of Legends, so it might be interesting


Sombra’s translocator and Sym’s turret can be destroyed mid air so why can’t Ashe’s dynamite do the same?

The mission is to ignite it mid air before it even gets near your team.


With the amount of spam damage in the game, it’ll end up blowing in her face far too often.

Symmetra is not someone that gets focused fired on (or atleast, not as focused on as the others) and Sombras translocator can’t be destroyed mid air.


I personally have zero issues with it, but…

I think they should add the exclamation marker like dva bomb or pulse. They are inevitably going to nerf it somehow. And I feel that is the best way to do so.


Make it like junkrat’s trap. Invincible in air, but destroyable on the ground. Ashe is the only one who can shoot it mid air.


They advertised the ability to stop pushes by planting a dynamite, making them wait for it to explode or tank the damage. It probably will be nerfed, but not in this way.