Ability to Play as Hammond without Mech


Wrecking Ball should have a second life ability kind of like D.Va’s but without the option to remech. When Wrecking Ball is destroyed, the respawn timer starts but Hammond is ejected out of the top.

Hammond has 50 health and the “Scurry” passive that gives him 150% normal movement speed and the ability to climb walls. Hammond cannot contest an objective. If an enemy steps on Hammond, he dies.

His primary fire attack is “Latch and Bite”. He attaches himself to an enemy and does 10 damage per second to that enemy. In addition, when attached to a heroes leg, they move uncontrollably as they panic and try to shake him off. When attached to an arm, they are unable to aim (the crosshairs move around the screen unpredictably but they have view control) as they try to shake him off of their arm. This attack can headshot if he attaches to a hero’s face by dropping on them from above. When headshotting it also obscures the heroes vision with a view of Hammond biting their face. He cannot be damaged by the hero he is attached to. Another hero must melee him to get him off. If knocked off a hero, he is stunned for 0.5 seconds.

He can detach at will by jumping and can jump from hero to hero in this fashion. When the respawn timer runs out he respawns as usual. If he is killed before the respawn timer counts down he is dead like any normal character.

/ J


That’s kinda cool. Maybe too close to Dvas


Wasn’t really serious. Just thought it was funny.


This kind of made my night, lol.


It’s really cool tho lol :slight_smile:


It should be that he has to rush around and collect parts of his mech instead.


I like that. I may work it in later.


mini hammond can simply be killed by step on him.


It would be cool if when Hammond’s mech dies, his regular respawn timer starts but he gets to run around as a Hamster with no attacks, 50 HP, no ability to contest and extra movement.

Just gets to scout for 10 seconds and then is teleported to the spawn room.

If he dies as a Hamster then he can’t scout anymore and has to wait for respawn like everyone else.

Hmm maybe he gets to run up to Mercy and she’ll give him a new mech to have fun and roll around in again :smiley:


Perfect! love it! sold!


I love it but bliz have already said in the past they are not doing any other heroes like dva because the coding they went through just to get dva working was too much hassle.


Yeah but this could use a lot of the same coding for the eject and since it’s been modified so he can’t get his mech back that part is easy too.

Is it weird that this started off as a complete joke, but I’m starting to like the idea as a real thing?

After further thought, I can’t think of a way to make it useful but balanced. So I think I should go with the other guys idea of just using a normal respawn timer instead unless you have an idea.


Not really, I just said the first thing that came to my mind as a goof.


Yeah. Too bad I can’t think of a way to make it plausible.


Ok this needs to happen! XD


Yeah it started as a joke but now I think it’d be great.