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So is there a thread or wiki of common terminology used for overwatch?

I keep seeing ‘flex’ which I assume is flexible but have no idea what that means in the context of OW.

This isn’t my first rodeo (CSS UT2k4 Titanfall 2 et al) but OW has a microsm of its own.

Flex basically means you’re a player that can switch between different roles effectively to help the team.

Example: I’m a support main, but I can flex to DPS if necessary.

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I don’t think there is, would be a good idea for a forum Wiki.

This. It could also be used within a specific role. Saying “I’m a flex support” means you can play multiple heroes in the support role rather than being a one-trick. This is usually only mentioned in professional play where a player’s roles are better defined to fit in the team, so it probably won’t come up in-game

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Nice to see you here😁

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