AAA: searching for BASTION-MAIN

Orisa/support-player looking for Bastion-main !

EDIT: you want to learn Bastion ?
i can help you become pro-bastion-teamplayer-win-every-gamer !
; )

Some bastion mains are here:


Too many one. Full of Bastion comrade.

  1. This should be in the Looking for Group section (either PC, PSN, XBL).
  2. You never stated what platform you’re looking for Bastion mains.
  3. Is it ranked or casual that you’re looking to play in?
    3.1. If in Ranked, what rank.

While I’m not really the kind of person that would utilize this, I’ll just explain myself.

  • Diamond Pharah, Bastion, Junkrat, and flex player.
  • Rarely play comp nowadays
    • Sat out for S12
    • Only really do placements anymore
  • I only play for short intervals, as I have a life that needs attending to, like a job and college.

So I might not be the best canidate, but I’m sure someone somewhere will be more than glad to pair with you.

:wink: Best of luck.


i see you like this very accurate.
i give you much information in voice chat on the games matter, if that is enough.
im fine playing quickplay, we all know competitive is played by too many ******s…

There is though. Click the “Forums” home button in the top left and scroll down and you’ll find them.

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Yeah ik, that’s what I was referencing.

Check in the LFG section of the forums if you’re looking for teammates, if you haven’t already.

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Oops sorry. I thought you said there should be a looking for group.

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dude im reading and while im reading it you deleted… …

these potg looking nice :smiley:
i guess gm bastion doesnt need pointers.
i want to queue with someone playing bastion with passion.
i am orisa, i am boss, you are my extra damage
(i cannot ranked with you because im not gm and im unranked as well)

Which is why i removed my post.
Best of luck to you friend. :slight_smile:

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