A way to make Bastion more fair for everyone

So, don’t we all know, how op and way too annoying Bastion is when you’re playing attack and the enemies have a camping Bastion on the point, while a Mercy and an Ana, and all the other people like Rein are pocketing him, and making Bastion invincible?

So, ive had ideas how to make Bastion a little more fair for everyone. So one of my ideas is, that you give the turret a cooldown. Similiar to the previous Sombra’s invisibility timer thing, like you sit down as a turret, and a timer for like 15-30 seconds goes down, and when that timer hits zero, Bastion will change back into his normal form, and will have to wait like 5-10 seconds to be turret again! This has been an idea of mine for months!

The second idea, is that you would make the turret head turn thing slower, like you can move your vision, but the turret doesnt turn as fast as you move your mouse. Like let’s say, you wanna move 90 degrees to any direction as bastion in his turret mode, you can move it, but the minigun turret thing, follows slowly, like it isnt exactly there, and it has a small delay.

The third idea is, that you would keep everything, but bring back the 180 degree turn.

Overall, we need to do something with Bastion, since the situation with Bastion is, that he is way too overpovered for the game. It has ruined hunderets, if not thousands of games of everyone.

(Keep em’ ideas commin!)

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Bastion is not OP. Bastion is enabled by his team (and even then it doesn’t last long) and he is a curb stomping hero at the lower ranks to teach you that teamwork beats teamwork

Bastion is still f tier you know.
Cheese comps can go bad very quickly.


well, yea, but still, the way bastion works, its still way too bad of an enemy, and it doesnt help, when there is a Rein, Orisa, Mercy, Ana and a Lucio, all around bastion, making Bastion vulnerable. With teamwork, it would be possible, but way too hard to beat all of those, shields, healings, buffs, Mercys resses, and plus, Bastions weapon capacity is way too big to make him an okay hero. Bastion is still able to ruin games, and make the round feel kinda bad and boring. still, we’d need some changes for him, to make it fair for everyone.

Three words. “Apagando las lucès”

Essentially deletes Rein and Lucio, Orisa won’t be able to stop that incoming damage, Bastion is forced out of turret mode, as long as your TEAM capitalized on it. It’s all good

Like I said, teamwork beats teamwork. Bastion shouldn’t have to suffer because people are bad

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well, everyone has their own opinions, my opinion of bastion is still prettt negative

The last thing Bastion needs is a nerf

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No I don’t. He usually goes down pretty quickly with some hero switches.

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He’s very frustrating at lower levels. Mercy / Rhein / Bastion is notoriously difficult to get through, and you will definitely need an ult to dislodge them.

EDIT: I’m not sure if he needs nerfs though.

I completely understand your reasoning for this post but the majority of people that play, find him balanced, as in he needs a good team to back him up.

I honestly think they should just change him to make him more appealing to play. In a game with alot of movement, having a character that stays in one spot, is boring to me. I think in a youtube video I saw, they suggested switching his turret and tanks forms. Make tank his primary form but nerf the damage to not make it too strong. It gives you mobility. Then for ult, have him turn into a turret, while in this form, maybe give him more health or let him mini rockets and fire his turret (similar to the old level 3 turret for torb).

I think that would just make him more fun to play then stay in one spot and wait.

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Bastion is only strong in Junkertown and Bronze, outside that, he is bad. Even worse than F-tier

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You said you want to make him fair for everyone but you just want to nerf up hero ? Just wtf.

Your new here so I’ll be polite.

Let me refer you to this topic

For over 2 years Bastion got nothing but nerfs. In the 1st year he was nerfed and nerfed again, and was untouched the 2nd year. As new heroes came out he began to fail harder and harder in games. The recent buff is the first time he’s been buffed in like 3 years and its hardly anything new its just a tighter bullet spread. With the changes to armor is actually easier to kill bastion now too cause he relies on that to block damage that would kill him otherwise and keeps him firing and helping his team not just self healing.

Just look at the topic i pinned. Bastion has been in a horrible place for a LONG time.

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