A strong TP would fix many of Sym's shortcomings

I think this is what bugs me the most. It’s hard for us not to cry that some heroes are cared about less than others when stuff like this exists. If these TP bugs plagued a “popular” character, it’d be setting off fire alarms.

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TP isn’t that good for bypassing difficult chokes though, because if you want to put the exit down behind the enemy’s chokehold, you have to put it in a contested zone. The only instance where this isn’t the case, AFAIK, is Volskaya’s first point.

As for being good for Symm, I disagree there, again. Her M1 is thoroughly unusable, so she’s better off sticking back and using her M2 exclusively, with her teleporter only helping her turrets. (Which it shouldn’t because that is just a worse version of her old M1, gameplay wise.)

She needs an ACTUAL mobility ability 2sec cast time is not mobility. Let HER teleport instantly and then the generator spawns under it for others to use it. Let symmetra herself create the portal to use and then her team can use it once the lotus spawns under it.

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How do you know that isn’t what they did?

I agree with OP’s suggestions, although one slight worry I have, is that the defender stallfest on 2cp could become worse with infinite tp duration. In fact the optimal choice might often turn out to be just leaving it at spawn, which is a bit boring.

See, the teleporter was marketed as a counter to Graviton Surge during the GravDragon meta. Because it takes 2 seconds to cast, by the time you actuallly place the teleporter to escape Graviton, it’s either already over or you’re already dead.


No it wasn’t. Literally all they said was that it can get you out of a grav, which it can. It was never explicitly stated to be a counter to it.

What you’re saying is the equivalent of all those people that said Jeff wasn’t happy with Syms rework when in reality all he said was that he didn’t know if she was balanced or not. You’re spreading misinformation.

This doesn’t happen in games. By the time teleporter deploys, the team is dead.

I said nothing of the sort. I simiply said that the devs said you could use Teleporter to counter Graviton (that’s what the “clutch save” is, a counter), and that was wrong.

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If anything Sym’s biggest problem is that her TP is too powerful relative to every other portion of her kit. Its the only reason to play her now. Its her other abilities and weapons that need help, not the TP.

Yes it does. Sometimes Sound Barrier nor Transcendence saves you from grav either so why should a basic ability that already has a variety of uses be buffed to being equally if not more potent than those two ults?

It can save your team from a grav, and when it does happen, I’d say it’s pretty amazing for the clutch factor of actually pulling it off and no one forgetting to press their interact key.

A counter is a counter. A clutch save is an unexpected save, which fits the TP in this interaction when it’s actually done.

It doesn’t, unless it was a bad Grav. It takes 2 seconds to set up, and grav lasts four. By the time it actually comes out, your team is dead.

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I think the deploy time is the kicker, reaper has teleport as his kit and its virtually suicide moiras fade is one of the best in the game so theres the evidence. Also tele out of ults is sort of a pipe dream right now it very rarely works out.

There’s not much I hate more in the game than sym’s current tele. Esp if you try to use it like a mobility, you cast it when you leave spawn, stop running and wait for a second, then hit interact and now you’re 10 extra feet forward clunkily.

I hate it. Can’t we just get an option in settings to ‘auto tele’ and if you have it checked on, all you gotta do is walk thru the tele like old version. People who still prefer the interact key (I really don’t know why) could still have that too

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Well something I’ve seen suggested is the ability to right click deploy tele so that you end up on the opposite side immediately, but it still has its normal activation time for your allies / turrets etc.

I’m curious to see how infinite duration would work out. If not at least a visual indicator of it’s duration (think ko’d allies).

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Yeah that’d be a good one too. It’s super hard for allies to know how long it’d last.

It really has no reason to have a limited lifespan. It’s just an annoyance.

Reviving this as it’s still extremely relevant. One thing to add:

Have the TP ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS spawn below your feet.

Also, RE: the destroying itself bugs, why not treat Sym deployables like BOB so if they would get destroyed, they instead get pushed.

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Just give her teleporter an infinite duration, like Torb’s turret.

Yes to everything except infinite duration. My god, FIX THE PLACEMENT BUG. Half the time it doesn’t give you a place to put it.

My only reason for no infinite duration is, even though it can be destroyed by enemy, it’s still a team mobility use, it wouldn’t be balanced. Yes I know she needs some op love, but I don’t think that’s where to do it.

I would also suggest to give it 50 more health or last an extra 5 seconds

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I say give an option to either interact or walk through. But if it’s walk through, don’t let it be within 5 meters of an environmental. It already shouldn’t be, but at least you can see where it goes.

I don’t like the idea of not having to interact. Shouldn’t be able to accidentally use the tp, that’d be catastrophic.

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