A Step Further: Workshop for Skins, Maps and Other In-game Items


Hi Overwatch team,

I am a dedicated Overwatch player. OW gave me a lot of fun and I have been playing OW since it’s release. Therefore, I am always motivated to make OW a greater place for us all.

With the recent launch of workshop mode, I witnessed how ingenious OW fans have come up and created so many interesting and fun-to-play game modes. This also ignited me as such workshop mode can be applied not only to gameplay but also in other areas such as making new skins, maps and etc.

There are a few reasons why I think this is totally viable.

Firstly, as we become more IT-savvy, we can come up with eye-catching designs too. Instead of letting the OW employees sitting in front of their computers and scratching their heads to figure out new skin or map concepts, Blizzard can leave to job to thousands of OW players who are inspired to innovate.

Secondly, this greatly reduces the workload of the OW team while giving players the freedom to things they like. If this is successfully implemented, it is no longer a dream to have brand new skins, maps or other cosmetics coming out every month or even every week. Meanwhile, OW employees can just hold their beer and watch money pumping in. (Note: OW team can also give us some incentives such as awarding 1% of revenue generated through player’s creation to the designer).

Last but not least, in today’s world, I think successes rely on two things - innovation and the audacity to do things (clever ones) other people are afraid to do. I used to wonder why Minecraft is so successful and popular? I guess the developers just had the audacity to invite the players to build a world with them. Hence, I would greatly appreciate if Blizzard can do the same.

Here comes to the end of my suggestion. I know it’s not a perfect plan, but I know it is feasible and am looking forward to seeing more open discussion about the topic. Please feel free to share your thoughts and please let the OW team hear our voices. Thanks!