A simple question about effects

i know that there are a limited number of effects that i can generate simultaneously, so i generate an effect and then i destroyed it in orderd to not reach that limit. But my question is: if i have enought space for effects,
in terms of stability and overload, it’s better use this “generate and destroy” stratagem or make an effect only visible if specific conditions are met? for example:
if a player Variable A is > 100, create a red sphere,
if a player Variable A is <=100, destroy that sphere,
create a red sphere visible only if player variable A > 100
i know how to write these rules, my question is only what of these 2 is better in terms of stability and overload for the server. Thank you.

The limit is 128 wich is quite a lot.

This is handled on the server side so it will increase server load a lot.

This is handled on the client side so it doesn’t increase server load, but might increase the stress for players with weak computers.

All in all I would recommend you to do the second way whenever possible, because it will avoid server crashing.

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Official dev comment regarding this question:

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