A New Journey is Right Around the Corner: Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Wrap-Up

A New Journey is Right Around the Corner: Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Wrap-Up

Our first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta has ended!

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Duplicate Thread.

…Or is this one the original?! :exploding_head:

Let’s take a look at this.

Sadge. Can’t wait for beta 2

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dam june 16 is four weeks from now… sigh lol

guess we get to savor the old overwatch experience for that long


I can’t wait for Beta 2.

The live game has been content drought and a horrific balance mess. And OW2 beta’s was also a balancing nightmare, but I sincerely appreciate the fact that the team acknowledged feedback, summarized it in weekly articles and shared that level of communication - backed by data.

It was seriously super fun. I hadn’t felt this excitement for the past few years with the live game. It was great to have that sense of, “I don’t know what’s about to come but it’s exciting and new!” again. The frequent changes were also welcomed.

SUPER appreciated being able to be a part of the beta. Connected with some pals and we played, laughed, figured out new strategies, and it was such a fun time.

I really, really hope we have better colorblind options. It’s been really rocky with what we have currently. But this is going in a direction I didn’t know if I’d like, but am enjoying quite a lot.


Says its ended but I just closed and reopened and can still queue.
Anyways, I hope we get Rio De Janeiro and Mauga next beta.

So can we please get all the new heroes in the next beta?


There was a chat message before it got closed
Sombra: Initiating Shutdown ~~boop~~
we were all eagerly standing at the door to fight and then all got booted out suddenly


It wouldn’t be a post by Blizzard if it wasn’t a duplicated one XD

It’s sooner than I was personally expecting, so I’m excited.

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with the next beta hopefully being more support minded, hopefully a lot of issues are fixed
with the last beta either being the legit last with open beta for consoles or another beta for comp testing

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When I got access to the beta, I thought it would be natural to return to Overwatch 1 after testing was complete. Now, after playing one game, I know I’d like to play Overwatch 2…

Is this some sort of gimmic - 2 posts because Overwatch 2 andthe 2nd beta?
Or just a mistake.

Either way, pretty funny.

June 16 will probably be a dev announcement to showcase more information on OW2. Maybe new heroes, maps, new game mode, future release dates, etc

They definitely didnt say that is the date that the 2nd Beta will be.
Im just pointing that out for the people that think June 16 will be the 2nd beta.

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