A month long lockout for comp heroes seems unneccessary

I come from a League of Legends background primarily, so in a sense I can see handling new heroes in OW is harder because you cannot ban heroes in OW compared to LoL.

But to be honest, in both League/OW, no matter what your teammate picks your never guaranteed that they will play their pick effectively or not. Hell, some picks in this game are just plain bad currently. So why is it alright that people are able to pick heroes that they consistently under perform on, or they are able to pick heroes that they’ve never played before in ranked?

I’m not sure how many people out there are like me but I exclusively play comp mode and that’s just me, I might hop into a game or two of Brigitte on QP just so I can experience her but all my learning will be coming from the high intensity environment of comp.

It’s just theres no guarantee that a month lock out is what we need especially since a character like Orisa sucked at release for over a month.

So if Brigitte is under powered and a month later we can play her comp will be flooded with people playing an under powered hero?

I kind of feel like if other high profile companies with a reputation not as good as Blizzard then a lockout like this would get the community up in arms.

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20 characters required

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Closer to 2 months, I’m afraid. Season 9 doesn’t end until mid-May. It’s quite silly.

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I honestly want to see who these people were because I’ve only seen a post once in a while complaining about lockout

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i agree… 2 weeks would be just fine.

quickplay is a freaking mess.

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Plenty of people in that post are also disagreeing with the change.

i dont play for like a week after a new hero because its all cancer

People are going to be dumb or bad players anyways your not guaranteed that Briggite players will be good a week later. Just like when your team picks Genji who has been in the game since launch, that doesn’t mean you’ve got a pro genji.

Your comment adds NOTHING to this conversation.

This embargo is ludicrous. No one will actually learn anything important from QP with Brigitte. You’ll never get to see how “meta changing” she is in QP. This whole idea is so bad that it actually hurts. Positioning, Ult Mangement, overall just TRYING to play the game doesn’t happen in QP.

True, right now in QP your just going to get nonsense teams and pretty much learn how to press some buttons.

My comment add’s what the dev team has already said about the same topic. Why should i give him reasoning when jeff has already done it himself? His words are more worth than mine would ever be.

Because quoting Jeff dosen’t mean you have a good argument, and since a lot of people don’t even agree with Jeff then your quote literally means nothing.

My quote wasn’t an arguement, it was posted just in case they didn’t see jeff’s answer to this topic. All of you need to stop assuming things.

I like their approach with this new character.

It’s bad enough I have to deal with a potential 5-dps comp without tanks and a healer often in my tier. Do we want both arms tied behind our backs as you decide to instalock and learn a new character?