A loss for Illari is a loss for Overwatch 2

Put OW1 supports (Mercy, Ana, zen) on the back burner until we address what is happening with Illari and Lifeweaver. Their state right now is just sad to experience.

Recent Illari buff was good but she needs stitches, not a bandaid from her wound when they nerfed her at launch.

Even quick play Illari can sometimes feel like a throw pick. I’ll keep playing her in hopes that one day Illari has a place in support role :frowning:


I’m an Illari hater from a design standpoint but respect playing your hero regardless of how bad they are/feel. If everyone quit playing her, Blizz would miss out on data


Nah they need to focus on reworking Baptiste

yup… I just want her to actually have value and so I do not go back to playing OW1 heroes, nothing bad against them. I just want play newer OW2 heroes the devs offer us. we have always had the least amount of support heroes while tank and dps have a large variety to play with.

also I make it worse for myself because i have her pylon player icon in game so players break my pylon before the game even starts


I think the game can survive with Illari and Lifeweaver being bad no one really cares about them


They only care about what their streamers think… If no one speaks about illari… (Seen only ML7 talk about her) she doesn’t need buffs…

Sadly this is how it goes for every single hero

I would say instead of not playing a hero anymore, stop watching streamers , thnx to them all this is happening


here is my take:

Needs huge buffs: Illari, Lifeweaver
Needs smaller buffs: Brig, Kiri, Mercy, Anna
Is good as is: Moira, Bap, Zen
Maybe a bit OP: Lucio

I think what the weak supports need the most is utility buffs, at the beginning of OW2 supports were too strong and got their utility nerfed in the ground with huge CDs, but now that support is a weaker role than dps and healing lost so much value, they need that utility back at least with much shorter CDs.

Just for example there is no reason for Anna and Life Waver Illari or Mercy to have these huge CDs on lifegrip, sleep dart/Nade, heal pilon, res. Supports lost so much value in the new patch and feel more boring and like you don’t have much impact on the match outcome. Devs seem to want to have faster battles with people dying more quickly and consistently so instead of buffing healing they could instead reduce the CDs on support utility to keep the combat fun and engaging for this role as well.


Honestly just let her ult pierce shields like it could at launch. It’s already easy enough to eat with Dva/Sig/Orisa, and it’s an ULT, it should be powerful!

how dare u disrespect our Sun queen and cute scientist flower icon.

i spit on your main :lips: :sweat_drops:


that is a massive stretch

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Nah, I enjoy my 22 elims per 10 and 68% winrate thank you

alright. that’s it. I’m about call my tank main rn and have him ramattra ult u :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :space_invader:

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please no i can’t handle that

No. Immortality bad. >:(

But how am I gonna face tank 5 people with window up???

Don’t try to tell me Ill actually have to think about where I use my ult.

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I don’t know how you can buff life weaver without nerfing the DPS passive. I mean I guess we could buff his healing, but if we buff them to be able to provide sustain to tanks in-combat, wouldn’t his healing become OP out of combat?

So much dilemma is being caused by this DPS passive. I like the idea of it, but it has also made healing a little too ineffective in many situations.

I think the fix will be easy for supports like ana who has utility to temporary increase healing. We could just lower her CD on her nade back to 10 seconds. But life weaver doesn’t have any utility to temporarily increase healing. So we can only buff his base healing, which might become OP during off combat healing.

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Never thought there would be illari stans, i thought she just existed there

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I am still playing her but it is sad to see a hero lose their identity (which originally was a DPS style support). Both her healing and damage have been weakened by the changes. She simply feels less impactful now but she can still work, it is just harder. In the end the only people who will play her are those that really like her playstyle of moving the turret around. Everyone else will pick other supports.


yup and this is what saddens me because they have every reason to play the other supports when other supports can change a fight instantaneously.



of the three supports added in ow2, only illari is ok. Somehow, she has more character than lw and kiriko combined. She is fun to play, and you dont want to pull your hair out when you play against her. She has no broken cds that are on the level of an ultimate.

I agree she needs some slight buffs, but more than anything, lw needs to be deleted, or at least heavily reworked.