A list of Sombra's Many, Many Bugs (6), Now with more LOS Bugs!

I updated the post! It looks like they have update and fixed some of her bugs.

Hopefully these bugs aren’t the only things they are fixing

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Yes, as there are many others.

So many ! Can’t take much more :frowning:

I will punch him if someone says sombra is fine she is just high skilled.

I will punch him really hard.


Say thank ya

wow a bug report which has 52 replies. This should definitely be noticeable.
please blizz, just reply to us.


Yeah… It’s kind of ridiculous. You know, I even sent a ticket through support about Sombra, trying to report a bug. I asked the GM I talked to to forward this thread to his supervisor, so he could forward it to their supervisor, and so on and so forth

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Thank you for posting this, hopefully we get a reply soon. The bugs have discouraged me to play this comp season because they tilt me so much. I just want my Sombra back ;-;

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Same. They added a bug fix on the PTR which might help, but the PTR won’t go live for at least another couple weeks

Currently working so I can’t check for myself, what bugfix are we talking about?:no_mouth:

These fixes.

Edit: I think these helped fix a lot of the aforementioned Hack Bugs. I played a couple rounds with Sombra on the PTR and didn’t run into any of them.

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It still switches targets in the middle of a hack, breaks by a single mobile ability even you have clear LOS. Hack sometimes doesn’t go off even the sound went off.

It still hacks a cryo mei, throwing dva mech, a bubble target.

It still has lots of bugs. A character whose main kit is full of bugs isn’t playable. Watching Fitzy stream is painful now cuz hack just breaks and breaks over again just because a blink a dash a rocked punch that they don’t even notice them until the failed hack.

Still on the PTR? I didn’t run into any of those issues.

I tested it, yes it still on PTR. They just fix thin object. It still has problems

Okay. But did it break on nothing, like it does in my retribution videos?

I don’t think so. It didnt happen in my PTR games recently so it’s a big improvement I guess.

I’d call that an improvement. Sombra’s not out of the doghouse yet, but that one LOS bug might be fixed. Hopefully it’s still the case on live

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blizzard please!!!

This is not a bump I repeat. This is not a bump…
This is a boop