A hero that counters beams would be nice

Can’t believe we don’t have one already when most of them have attacks that can’t be countered. Good idea for the Lifeweaver rework or new support.


It calls… distance. Any long range character are by their nature beam counters.


distance doesnt do any good beam has basically unlimited range


This. Don’t play close range and you’re fine.


No beam in the game goes past the lower end of mid range.

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Can you elaborate please?

look at zarya her beam basically has no limit unless your behind a wall like it can go through anythign other than walls or a vehicle

While I do agree something like a mirror can be cool, the game does provide some tools against beams.

The whole concept of beams is that they are consistent and since they lack range, they often do impressive damage.

So except for the obvious answer of distance, I would say the best counter to beams has to be something that doesn’t mind staying up close and can take a few hits.

Zarya’s bubble is a good start considering it kind of negates the whole point of close beams, but since Zarya is a beam hero herself I’m not too sure it’s a good idea…

So another option I find to be very useful is a hero like Rein that has ton of survive ability in form of hp,armor & shield. while also providing massive burst to scare away enemies. great up close. Doomfist is also pretty good considering he creates distance by pushing the beam hero away.

But outside of the tank role and outside of the obvious long range… I think only Bastion really fits the role considering he’s the only one with enough damage and survive ability to burst them all. Kiriko might be a good support for the job due to the headshot bonus up close.

But yeah, I admit the game doesn’t provide a unique tool against beams, but it also doesn’t have too many beams in the first place (only 6 normal-abilities beams) so it can be nice to see something that can counter beams but also isn’t limited just to beams (but doing more against beams, like a mirror that returns beams, take normal damage from projectiles and extra damage from melee)

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Mercy can counter beams.

Sounds like a skill issue

30 meters (longest beam in game) = unlimited?


Rein counters beams. They can’t go through his shield. Orisa counters beams with fortify. Rammatra has a decent shield and transformation to deal with beam heroes.

Beams are literally just the counter to 4 moves in the game (D.va’s Defense Matrix, Sigma’s black hole, Genji’s deflect, Orisa’s Spear Spin.) Other than that, they’re countered by everything that normally counters damage (shields, mitigation).

There’s literally no need to add some specific anti-beam thing in.


I think that the longest beam is only 16 meters. 30 would be quite long actually.

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Moira’s Coalescense is stated to be 30 meters based on the wiki/fandom page. And her M2 is 20 meters.


I wasn’t thinking about her ult. And for some reason I thought her range was the same as Zarya. I looked it up and you are right.


Pharah and or echo lll

20 meters, Moira’s a beam hero.

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Beams are also countered by shields, right? They just absorb the damage of the beam, and the only issue that a barrier can be broken. Still, that’s a pretty effective counter.

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  • There are extremely few beam-weapons in the game.

  • Of the near 40 heroes available, only 5 (Zarya, Symmetra, Winston, Moira, Echo) utilize beam weapons. One of which is tied to a cooldown.

  • All beams are unique, no beam shares the same functions as the next.


  • Most beam weapons don’t have the same countermeasures. And only two of them pierce barriers, one of which is tied to an ultimate that easy to heal against; and the other is just 10 damage per second lower.

In the future, should there be more beam weapons added into the game, it may be necessary to add additional countermeasures, but current defensive tools against beams are functional and quite usable. There are just too few beam weapons in the game that really truly cause problems or need specific defensive tools that don’t already exist.

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Every hitscan hero in the game counters beams. If you’re constantly sitting in effective range of a beam hero then you’re not positioning yourself properly.