A good Mercy Fix & the fourms

Rez back on ult, it brings up 2 players that are close by. Rezing takes slightly longer to do.

Put her current ult on an ability, she doesn’t fly around but she does healing to eveyone for a short amount of time. Hopefully making up for the healing nerf. But yet not flying around makes it easier to counter too.

Now the problem with these fourms, controversial I know. But if anyone remembers a couple years ago. There was mass threads hating on dps mains being made by Mercy players. Every single thread even if it wasn’t related had some type of line like “tippical dps mains” somewhere in it. You couldn’t post anything without being flamed for having a dps in your most played.

Back then, it did start with a lot Tracer and Genji one tricks coming on and complaing about their hero and how they were being killed to much. Which lead mass hate towards all dps mains. Even if you didn’t play those two dps. And these did die down, I don’t see tracer and genji one tricks anymore like I use to. Eveyone learned to flex. Unfortunately Mercy was unchanged still so it just left a lot of Mercy one tricks who haven’t needed to flex yet.

Unfortunately I am putting the blame on all this Mercy main hate, on Mercy players. Much like the dps brought it on themselves those years ago. They came on, demanding their own hero to be the best again without having any type of proper conversation or good ideas. And naturally that starts hate.

All I see if “she’s unfun” “fix her” “revert her”. Im sorry but not feedback at all. That’s just aggressive hate towards devs. Much like the Tarcer and Genji mains once did, which actually lead to those hero’s being nerfed and counters for them being put in.

To make this better, there needs to be better criticism from Mercy players rather than just complaining about it. And actually suggest ideas that could work.

Nearly all mercy threads have feedbacks talking about ways to fix her. Many are about bringing back mass rez, or making valk work. Ive never seen a mercy thread start with just plain old “fix her” with nothing else. Sure there were a lot of replies like that in the megathread (but honestly the mega thread was failure). Really tho there are more threads complaining about the mercy spam than there are mercy threads starting with just “fix her” and offer zero solutions.

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I think one issue with removing the mobility aspect of the ult is that there isn’t an out when being dived. That was one of the older pre-rework issues players had, where players wanted more options to escape or survive, for instance, from an enemy Genji doing an ult or Tracer harassing. I don’t think people are necessarily clamoring specifically for resurrection on the ultimate, but rather they want something that feels more epic than the current form of flying + healing extra, as its most likely deemed boring.

If we had to go with your idea, I would say maybe add form of hybridizing Guardian and Valkryie’s mobility might be an interesting option to give her some outs. I think it doesn’t have to last too long, it could be a burst of moment in the same way that Hanzo has a leap for protection without reliance on targeting a player and could allow movement in other directions if necessary.

Well of course they made it longer than that. But the basic of it is pretty much that. There’s also a lot of “she’s being ignored” threads.

The point is none of them actually have suggestions to make it better. They are all just saying they hate it.

Like this on front page.

And im saying there are suggestions tho? I read nearly all the mercy threads and there s at least one or two lines in every first post that talks about how to “fix” her.

As for the mercy is being ignored threads, that’s in relation to the communication between devs and the community. Not solely about her balancing. It s a call to the devs because people want to know what the devs think of her currently. Again it s more like asking them what they think about mercy’s state rather than asking for changes. So it s fairly understandable that those dont give solutions, because those threads arent really trying to change anything but rather entice a response from the devs

How do you determine which players among a group of, let’s say 4, get rezzed if they’re all the same distance from Mercy during this version of Rez?

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For me personally, if they are going to limit her this way, they might as well scrap rez. No other ult has a limitation on how many they can kill or how many shields/healing/armor they can give to teammates. People remember rez as this extremely amazing ult in the sense of it always winning fights - it didn’t.

Literally the top thread of all time


I made this threat once upon a time ago:

It’s outdated ofc but it definitely should count as feedback.