A fatal case of hero neglect

Roadhog (much less)

hero neglect - A hero that is weak or underpowered, left untouched even though in dire need of change. usally defence class.
^low pickrates
^lack of buffs
^lack of devolpment
^lack of changes
^lack of situations to play said hero

One of the worst cases of hero neglect is bastion, left alone untill reworked, then conpleatly left alone again. shows all symptoms

symmetra, a bad case of hero neglect. Left alone till reworked, then reviced a small buff but her sickness did not improve, soon reworked again, currently unbuffed/unchanged, shows many symptoms

roadhog, a smaller case, yet still fatal. Strong untill reworked, then weakened and changed. Now in a stale mate. shows some symptoms

reaper, reworked then left untouched.

ana, strong then nerfed, was overshadowed by other supports, mercy/moira

tracer, was a anti case, was left untouched for upwards of a year (maybe more) was eventually warded off by brig-antibiotics

Wouldn’t call Symmetra neglect since she literally had her entire kit reworked recently.

Roadhog, kind of. He’s getting a change hopefully very soon.

I’d say the two most neglected are Bastion and Reaper.


I mean any case, just because a case of hero neglect has been cured dose not mean it cannot come back. Its an aggressive sickness

how is symmetra neglect when they majorly changed her 3 times? more like incompetence.

I agree. They can be neglected in the future. But I don’t think Symmetra is necessarily neglected that much now. (: Hopefully no more heroes face this level of neglect.

what about junkrat? hes in a pretty bad spot, not nearly as bad as some others but hes being neglected for sure

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she was left untouched for a full year, even more.

We know that Roadhog balance changes are already in the works. In fact, Jeph Kaplan himself confirmed that it was going to be a part of the latest PTR patch but that there was some extra animation work that they had to do first (source). The next PTR patch will most likely include the buffs for Roadhog.

What are you talking about? I think that Junkrat’s in a pretty good spot right now.

its not neglect though, he was changed a little while ago. And junkrat only shows a few symptoms + they are small, maybe just a small case of underpowered

junkrat has a 2% pickrate and just barely over a 50% winrate (50.41 rn) with such a low pickrate his winrate should be at least 52 or 53 especially since this is a meta junkrat should counter (goats/ana meta)

also his primary fire has been bugged since they were reduced half a year ago. All us junkrat mains have complained about his primary bugs but nothing is being done, infact, its not even on the known bug list

they gave junkrat the wrong nerfs and wont fix them, mine fall off and the primary fire size reduction were the worst nerfs they could have ever thought of. all it did was add more inconsistency to junkrats kit, a kit thay was already pretty inconsistent as it as. the primary fire hitbox reduced was also the reason for junkrats primary fire bug (the projectiles are so small that they pass through peoples hitboxes)

mines need to have a set damage, 85 when blown up in the air and 120 when blow up when its planted on the ground (so the mine + trap combo will work again)

primary fire needs to have a bigger hitbox, so they stop passing through peoples hitboxes and you can somewhat aim them

tire needs to charge slower and should explode for half damage (300 minimum) if junk dies during ult

A 50.41% winrate isn’t bad, though, is it?

And what bugs does his Frag Launcher have?

it would not be bad if he had a higher pickrate and it was a meta he didnt do so well in

the nades are so small that they sometimes pass through the enemies hitboxes

I play Junkrat quite a bit, and I’ve never had that happen to me. Besides, a bug isn’t a reason to change a character balance-wise.

we are increasing the hitbox not just because of that bug, its because they are impossible to hit now, you cant properly aim them anymore. hes just a spambot now

I feel the OP means symmetra is getting neglect in the aspect of not receiving changes that her players wanted and they just popped up with another rework,

The new rework doesn’t really accommodate symmetra players as shown by her lower pickrates and win-rate. The people who played her before obviously dont play her now.

That’s what I feel from the post.

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It is in GM.

Well, you can’t really say that Sym was neglected… The problem is that she has still issues after her rework. So she probably needs more looking after her.

Roadhog will get buffs soonish.

Leaves Bastion. Yes this guy is really neglected.

Heroes that require almost no aim are too hard to balance they will usually be stuck at low tier because they will be too good at lower skill levels

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When people forget to spell it properly, you know they’ve been forgotten…

You forgot McCree.
His buffs have all been bandaids on a fault line and they never actually address his problems.