A design fit for royalty: An inside look at her majesty, the Junker Queen

I said I was gonna off myself

To be fair Roadhog can be lethal at somewhat longer ranges. JQ needs to get closer, i.e. be an (even) easier target. I’ll be curious to see what her cooldowns are.

Something about wanting a bikini skin for Junkerqueen, I think

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Not a single person in the “no-holds-barred” was injured in any meaningful way.

Junkertown is supposedly a cutthroat and hostile place, even for its denizens; Junkrat almost got gutted like a fish in a comic.

Personally, in terms of archetypes, I think Mad Maggie does it better: on the outside, she may look like a brutal warlord who will curbstomp you into the pavement, but on the inside, she’s a Salvonian freedom fighter… who will curbstomp you into the pavement.

Overall, her cinematic goes against established concepts of what we know about Junkertown; it could’ve been better written.

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On top of all of that, the knife will activate Bleed from a distance on Ana, so the Ana player’s passive healing won’t kick in & she will have to decide to thrown the nade on herself for a bit of healing or YOLO & thrown the nade on Queen & risk dying easily without the passive healing activating.

And for every Bleed, Queen gets self healing on that damage.

I was really hoping that Junker Queen would be the first ever new hero to have multiple weapons to cycle through, beyond Mercy & Torb.

Even though the footage showed the axe being swung once like an ability, I was slightly hoping for the chance of Queen being able to swap between the shotgun & axe, like in the cinematic.

There has been a Weapon Cycle keybind in the game since the beginning, and we never get to use it outside of hammering the Torb turret & Mercy occasionally helping shoot down barriers or spam a little into choke points & destroying turrets.

Wait is the junker queen the person that speaks after capping first point of junkertown?

Yup. That’s Junker Queen’s voice.

My initial thoughts on her creation (well before her rumored announcements or playability), was always thinking that she’d have several weapons she’d cycle through on her LMB once ammo ran out.

The concept didn’t hold, but the idea is still there. She is running around with a gun, throwing knife and an axe.

So it fits in a weird way.


Everything seems great, but…god, why did you add an anti-heal. Have we learned nothing about how busted anti-heals are from Ana?

When you think about how strong Anti-Heal is, it makes sense for it to be an Ultimate ability on a tank, instead of the ultimate ability just instantly killing everything in a straight line, since she isn’t a Damage hero.

junker queen:

1 part hog (hook and heal)
1 part reaper (shotgun)
1part ana (anti heal)
1 part orisa (her spinning weapon while rushing forward)

Well, we don’t actually know how much damage she does.

On paper this is super strong and so does the “grievously wounds” part, but it is totally dependent on her damage numbers which we don’t know yet. If she does high burst damage and that anti-heal, then my inclination is, that’s going to feel like absolute garbage to be hit with high damage, be wounded, and you can’t be healed out of it.

If it’s mediocre damage and most of the damage will come from the wounded damage-over-time + the anti-heal, then I would say that’s fine on paper. Seeing what it does in practice will be the ultimate tell.

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That is a fair point.
Even though the small footage of gameplay we saw wasn’t clear enough to determine how much damage she can do, since there were lots of shots being missed, it didn’t look like much damage.

But we will have to wait & see exactly how much she damage she deals in 8 days.

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this is already how ppl feel agaisnt ana.

it does 60 dmg on hit while makign u unhealable.

for a tank? not a huge bit, but on dps who only have 250 hp? thats basically 25% of ur health (and thats b4 any hp missing b4 its hit) and then ru unable to get healed.

unlike Junkerqueen who is tied to ult ana’s is a short 10sec cd.

u cant have an issue wiht junkerqueens anti heal w/o being agaisnt ana’s.

any amount of blocking healing in a fight is gonna be a lot as ur liekly goign to get hit by the tansk 2 other dps (and possibly the supports if its brig/moira)

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Yeah. I’ll actually take back what I said previously, because you brought up something I totally neglected.

If the damage is low and the bulk of the damage she does is the wounded damage + anti-heal, then it makes sense for this to be on an ultimate. And I think that could balance out.

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I’m generally opposed to Ana’s anti-nade because it so easily negates an entire role’s purpose. So I am very weary of the fact they added another form.

I’m also just, generally against them giving characters a lot of things. Mobility, healing, high damage (not sure if this the case for Junker Queen yet), utility, etc. and most of it being an AoE effect.

I’m skeptical but I will remain as neutral as I can be until I try it out. My hope is that we don’t keep adding heroes with kits that have so many bases covered, because they make OG characters obsolete.

Yeah. Because after spending a bit of time looking at some of the cooldowns & how much damage that “seemed” to occur from her attacks, her entire kit seems to revolve around her relying on rushing the enemy team, in order to constantly activate Bleed for self healing & DOT damage.

Because if she isn’t self healing, she can’t survive long enough to make space & push the enemies back.
If the enemies aren’t being pushed back, that means the player that is playing Queen isn’t doing the job of a tank & utilizing her kit to deal Bleed damage.

Her kit in the tank role is almost like Yin & Yang.
If one part isn’t happening, that means the other isn’t either.

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When you put it like that, that makes it a lot more palatable and I think I can get on board with that. I’m cautiously optimistic now. :grimacing:

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Now that I think about it.
It’s similar to Moira’s kit in a way.

If she is only healing, she won’t be able to heal anymore & needs to damage to heal more.
But her kit don’t rely on her needing to heal, since she can literally 1v1 almost anyone if the player playing her survives long enough.

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