A design fit for royalty: An inside look at her majesty, the Junker Queen

half of the heroes are waking stereotypes anyway (especially the original ones)

True. Though, I wish they gave heroes more nuances than just their basic stereotypes (like what League of Legends did with their older champions).

Even Valorant doesn’t play too much into nationality stereotypes.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t insist on stereotyping anyone.
It just felt in place gameplay and origin wise.

Because like we all know, all Ana players are ML7 and all JunkerQueen/Roadhog players dont know how to play nor have team mates that can pressure the Ana.

Can you stop with the overexaggerations that go SO HARD that you are basically creating an universe that doesnt exist? Ana doesnt delete JunkerQueen.


I’d rather they play more into her magnetism: imagine she threw her axe, embedding it into an enemy, and then pulled herself to them via magnetism.

Given that her main design is her axe, it would make sense.

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Says the guy whose entire argument against Roadhog/D.va getting wrecked by Ana as “OMG BUT LOOK AT ANAS WINRATE”, for an average of low Gold ELO players on Quickplay games that primarily went up against Orisas and Zaryas.

Could you maybe stop with the logical fallacies on false equivocation?

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Dude you have to stop with the strawmans and lies.
If you start making things up that I never said, you can win any argument. Its getting weird at this point.

Sorry I debunked your points but the FACTS are not changing:
Ana doesnt delete JunkerQueen.

Yeah, the bias is hardcore on the forums.

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If you think Roadhog wasn’t removed from the game if there was an Ana in the beta then you don’t know what you’re talking about fam

Quoted for emphasis.

I don’t think players understand how Overwatch works in this thread.

Queen has more double Ana’s health, better mobility options and can bring Ana to her with her knife. Even should Ana sleep Queen; the moment she takes any kind of damage from Ana, Queen will be up and charging right into Ana and killing her. There is little she can do, solo.

This is intentional, no one hero can solo a Tank.


It’s almost like Overwatch isn’t a 1v1 game.


If I’m reading it correctly, the reason she didn’t get an axe throw was because it made it awkward for her to use other axe-based abilities while it was deployed.
But she has no other axe based abilities.

I’m of the mind that the axe throw would have been more impactful, even if it’d just be a visual change.

While her design seems interesting, I can’t help but feel disappointed at her axe, which is arguably where her entire design stemmed from, being so immaterial in the final product.

I don’t think that’s a fact yet considering we haven’t had the chance to play the game

The line of thinking was

-They wanted axe as primary weapon
-They didn’t want her to be a melee character
-These two things conflicted obviously, so the axe got moved to an ability instead

So the axe ability is not a throw for whatever reason, but that’s how we got to this point

I have a suggestion for Jagged Blade what will give the Queen vertical movement, and align with the spirit of using her gauntlet in fun ways and having the Queen being in the face of her enemies the whole time.

The mechanics of Jagged Blade are pretty simple:

You click once to throw the dagger and you click again to recall it.

If you don’t land the shot on an enemy, when you recall the blade it could pass through several oponents to apply the bleed effect. If you do land the first shot, the recall will bring the enemy towards the Queen.

So far so good.

My biggest concern is that in the second scenario “Jagged Blade” behaves too much like Roadhog’s “Chain Hook”.

I’d like to suggest one change that could be a fun mechanic, differentiate the ability from Roadhog’s and provide mobility options for the Queen.

I’d like to see “Jagged Blade” work as a reverse hook with a bit of “Guardian Angel”.

If you don’t land the shot, have it behave like it does now. Queen recalls the blade, and as it passes through enemies, it applies bleed damage.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

If you land the shot, instead of pulling the enemy in, recalling the blade should propel towards her target, just like Mercy is able to fly towards her allies using “Guardian Angel”. To avoid mistakes, it could be cancellable, with space bar, just like “Guardian Angel” is.

This, of course is a skill shot and would give Junker Queen much needed vertical mobility if used correctly.

It will not only help differentiate “Jagged Blade” from “Chain Hook”, but it would be a fun mechanic as well.


Shotgun-axe whose primary shoots and secondary slices; a hatchet that she can throw and pull herself to; creating a magnetic storm of scrap metal that is sent forward.

Just some thoughts.

The fact that someone flagged me for this. This forums are filled with sad no live trolls

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It’s better off this way, that post was cancer

Oh, I understand the path taken to get to this point — though one would think that once melee-primary was discarded, throw-axe would be back on the table, and the clear logical step.

I mean, the knife is good and all, it just lacks the oomph that an axe strike would have.

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Judging by the repies and the fact that your post was deleted, I assume it had something to doo with naughty stuff? if you catch my meaning.

What in the world are you talking about? How is she not brutal in the cinematic?