A decent sized update on PTR, but nothing new on the notes

Probably preloading for What Is To Come on Friday.

That, or a fix for the major crashing issue it’s been having.

Yeha probably to fix server issues on client side then.

Probably Reaper changes, namely
Changing his buff into an actual buff instead of a Nerf

IE : At about 4m range reaper in live used 3 shots to down a squishy, in the previous PTR it took 4.

New PTR patxh fixed that.

Oh yeah I forgot about the reaper changes. I thought they put that in already, but maybe that was this patch update.

We’re primarily targeting some stability and bug fixes with this PTR update. As always, let us know if you see issues. Thanks!


Found one.
No Bastion buff.


Timely response, thank you for your hard work!


OH cool I got a response.

If I run into trouble I’ll let you know.

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The developers come out of nowhere on the forums sometimes!

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It’s like catching a rare pokemon!


Hey, I was partially right :smiley:
Thanks for the update!

Oh well they responded, nice

Thank you Dan for the update. Appreciated!

Thanks for the confirmation! :slight_smile:

Can we get these in patch notes when they go out so we know what to test and what to pay attention to?

any performance fixes? game has felt laggy for a while :frowning: especially after hammond was added

Hey Dan Maas, just a little question about some balance in Overwatch, can we expect some buff/rework for Bastion in the future ?

any framerate oriented changes? i was forced to drop the quality settings again and if i have to do it again i wont be able to have 30 fps.
i used to have 60 two years ago :confused:

“And a little new hero but that is not so important” :smirk:

I have an issue. Hero 29 is literally unplayable on the PTR. I need you guys fixing that ASAP.

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