A challenge for Mercy mains

You mean they have not for more than a year? :scream:

Oh wait, they just never answered to any of the feedback they pigeonholed into the mercy megathread. Like they did with Dva back in january 2017. Then they realised (like we did) that dva was too weak and buffed her into DM bot.

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Most of the new counters are area denial or aoe damage ultimates,

Hammond’s’ Minefield
Torbjorn’s Molten Core

There are other counters that already existed that were also primarily aoe cc, aoe damage or area denial abilities.

Dead Eye
Earth Shatter
Death Blossom (sorta but it’s kinda sh*t)
Emp (Debatable)

I think that most people though, don’t consider them counters as they are reactive to the resurrect, and cannot actually stop the activation.

I’d say the i-frames were op because before you could always kill the Mercy right before she activated the mass rez, or after since she would be vulnerable without her team, as the teammates would be stuck in the i-frames they got from being resurrected.

With the addition of the i-frames it just meant that the Mercy could cheese and get a resurrect off without dying immediately and gave her a chance to run away before they could get killed.

This is the devs job. Yet they did nothing but the opposite for a whole year.


Mercy is already the most mobile support (or hero) in the entire game. I think her mobility is fine, there just needs to be more to do with it. It’s why I love all the little bugs with GA that give more options. Super jump, bunny hop, and soul dashing are all super fun and can mess with peoples heads if they aren’t paying attention (like a tracer trying to chase you down and you either start soul dashing and WONT STOP MOVING or jump two or three stories in the air and get to high ground the tracer cant touch you on.)
But TBH I wouldnt care if they got rid of rez and gave her an E that was either more mobility (like moving independent of your team mates on a longer cool down that GA) or a healing and/or damage (boost) boosting ability.

Here’s my grand idea:
Don’t change anything.

Challenge. Accepted.

ok I got tired so imma just quote your rework my rework titaniums reworks and get this over with


I wasn’t talking to you.

All I have to offer in terms of different ideas.

I believe I have a couple of ideas in those megathreads of oblivion too.
I still prefer mass-rez to return, with simple tweaks. Like:

  • Can’t rez people that are not in direct LOS
  • Can’t rez people while GA is in use or on cooldown
  • Mass-rez no longer grants invincibility frames to Mercy, but does heal her up to full.
  • Invincibility frames removed entirely after rez. Instead allies receive 200 temp shields.

Mass resurrect on its own packed a big punch even when mercy was killable before her allies could move. When this change occurred hide’n’res became the most popular strategy. While nerfing it/tweaking it would’ve fixed the problem blizzard just went for a rework nobody wanted.

Minefield, Molten Nut (core), D’Va nuke, Deadeye, DeathBlossom, Barrage, Grav Combos, Earthshatter comboes, Snipers. All these and more should either get an easy setup for multikill after res is pulled off OR can just kill the mercy before/while she resurrects.
That way it will EITHER leave the team 5v6 without their main healer, making them easy kill (ult charges at the very least) OR wipe the enemy team once more, taking away more of their precious time for capturing a point/pushing a payload.

It’s unfortunate the megathreads happened. But I do think the devs want to make sure that Mercy is fun and worthwhile.

And just because they aren’t communicating with forum users, they got hundreds of thousands of Mercy players to make happy.

Leverage that knowledge and use the devs desire to help the Mercy playerbase as whole.

Here some of my ideas :smile:

You don’t provide an in depth explanation, you’re just saying stuff which have been said over and over with much meaning.
As for the counters you mentioned, only 2 of them are new. Since mass rez was countered so much by already existing ults/combos, why did they remove it?

Instead of figuring out why devs don’t like it, maybe figure out what the devs might like instead?

There has been a ton of feedback since the beginning of time, they better get to reading instead of going back to an alpha ult which didn’t make the cut.

Although my personal opinion is to straight up copy the Medic.

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Just Mercy mains? What if you don’t play Mercy but have a genuinely good idea. You’d be missing out.

Anyway, I’ll leave my minor changes here if anyone is interested:

  1. Make damage boost and heals one beam. Means more utility.
  2. Change Valk from chain beams to aura. Allows Mercy to shoot and support at the same time during Valk (battle Mercy fun time).
  3. With damage boost no longer taking up an ability slot, add a new ability. Cleanse has been mentioned many times, but I also had an idea for some kind of overheal. Up for debate.

Way I see it, aside from MultiRez posts, Mercy is one of the least discussed heroes on the forums :slight_smile:

If the artists didn’t want something to be grey, but you show them 500 shades of grey, and they still don’t like it.

Maybe it’s time to show them something in blue or green?

They don’t seem to want to get rid of rez and/or valk so we’re out of options.

Devs didn’t want to increase Roadhog’s damage, or reduce his Ult charge feeding.
But new Roadhog is going to be fine.

We don’t know which staff members are currently calling the shots on Mercy so it’s hard to dig up what they’d like.

Plus, the various public comments they’ve made aren’t terribly conclusive.

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That’s why it’s really important to try a bunch of design approaches, and usually avoid what you think they don’t like.

It’s not an exact science, but I seem to be decent at guessing.