A Brigitte remove could revive Overwatch


blizzard doing something we dont want, how surprising lmao.

I hate hanzo more too but for different reasons, id rather have this then scatter.


Given the fact that Ana kind of relies on a slower-moving, tank-heavy team in order to shine, removing Brigitte would be detrimental to Ana’s play time.

As for the other two… a 420+ damage cooldown ability doesn’t belong on a sniper/assassin, and I’d like for both Storm Arrow to be removed and Scatter to remain dead. Mercy does desperately need a revert, though.


yooooooo, this is super goofy


full revert doesnt really fix the problems, just reintroduce old ones. How about a different rework, and i agree with the hanzo. and i agree with your ana/brig sentiments


Because the community doesn’t even agree on what it wants. What makes part of the community happy will inevitably infuriate another part. No matter what Blizzard does, some group of people will swoop to the forums to complain about it.

I just want more communication about their intentions and rationale, but even that seems to result in additional complaints.


How about Titanium’s suggestion in Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy’s Current State then?



Doing this kind of stuff is how massive power spikes/creeps or drops happen.


Well then, why not poll the community to see what they actually want? If they can do it for arcade modes, they can do it for other things too.


given that 90% of this community is in or below plat, polling for balance changes wouldnt go very well lmao. So many characters that dont need to be nerfed would be gutted, and characters like tracer would be buffed probably lmao.


I think that you’d be surprised. I doubt a majority of people are in favor of removing any hero. And even if just 5% of the community wanted to keep Brig around, that’s still a lot of people. But I bet it would be a lot higher.


Who gives a monkey’s what rank someone is? Apart from you, I mean. We all paid the same.


rank matters, and a lot of people do give a monkeys what rank someone is. There is massive balance changes that would happen if they only focused on lower tiers and only focused on higher tiers(as seen by dive s5-s9 with only focusing on the 1%).

only Focusing around what low ranks want would very negatively impact the game.


I’m only half serious when I say we should remove her, but ask the community whether they think she is a good addition to the game…


Honestly, the game should be balanced from the top. Balance at pro/GM level and let the changes trickle down. A lot of people feel this way. It’s not a minority opinion.


its by no means perfect to balance around the 1%, but they learned not to ONLY balance around the 1%. If we focused around lower tiers only, a ton of characters that dont need nerfs would be gutted anda ton of characters that dont need buffs would be buffed.


I think you’d still find a reasonable amount of people who think she was. There was/is a pretty big anti-dive contingent. I personally loved dive and it made me sad to see it hard countered so easily.

That said, the group of people who think she was a bad addition and the people who would actually want her removed wouldn’t align completely. Lots of people may think she needs to be nerfed yet not necessarily gone entirely.


Why? Are people at the top better at deciding what is fun for the majority than they are themselves?

The primary goal is to maximize fun, not competition. So rank doesn’t come into it.

If people want to get super serial about the game, that’s their bag… but it’s not why most people play.


Only One support can Counter Tracer
Only three DPS cant counter Brigitte

yeah, Lets Nerf Brigitte


this game is a competitive game, the reason most play is to get better and get to the top, only a small portion actually play just for fun.

and yes, pros/gms/top500 do know the game more than lower ranks


A lot of people who hated dive, hate the current game even more… the grass isn’t always greener.