A better solution to role que then 3-2-1

now to be quick, ive talk alot about this idea long before role que was a thing. and im not sure why no ones talking about it. its a simple solution that i feel would benefit the game. now, my idea is simple, increase team sizes. im not sure why this hasnt been brought up as a solution before but oh well. basically the normal 6v6 just becomes a mode you can que for like overwatch classic or something, modes like the normal 6v6, 8v8, 12v12, 24v24 can be qued for in comp or qp and could make the game funner because more options and experiences and would fix the role que problem since que times really wouldn’t be needed anymore or would be drastically shorter. maybe arcade could get a new mode called mad lad mode or something and its basically 100 v 100. but in all seriousness i feel this solution of mine in underrated and not talked about like at all, and its something that i feel is better then the 3-2-1 proposal, because it doesnt hurt the tank player base and helps the dps player base, so i see it as an absolute win. sure there might be a few problems with it sure, but im sure they can be fixed or be outweighed by the pros.

Go read Jeff’s post - the game is highly optimized for 6v6, larger teams are not currently possible.

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i mean, not at the moment. but the future holds many possibility’s, since ow2 is getting and engine upgrade maybe it could possible. point is i think its a viable solution the devs should look into. i mean they changed the game drastically with role que and made that work decently so i doubt they cant do it, sure it’ll take some major reworking to the game, but it is possible.

High cost are high and they need to be worth it

Maybe but it seems like a last resort. I’ve played Paladins though where its a 5v5. 2 DPS, 1 Flank (still DPS) and 1 tank and healer. I think it worked great.

ok, but its not really a last resort more a step forward, it opens up many possibilities for the game and the player base to move forward and make something great, and new thats fun and fresh for fans to enjoy.

I agree. I would love 2-3-2 or even 2-4-2 if that’s what it takes to give balanced que times to DPS. I think this is hands down the best way to fix the issue as it’s changing the game to reflect the player base. Unfortunately most of us are DPS so 2-2-2 was unrealistic. It is better than 0-5-1 but I think 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 are much better.

They’d probably make the game feel much more fps as well and allow for more flank plans so you can still have the DPS focusing on shield and Genji in the backline.

As mentioned, Paladins has 2 DPS and 1 Flank and it works really well. It was super fun playing as a flank knowing the mid line still has enough DPS to break through the front line.

I think this would be a great change.

It would be awful for support players.

2-3-2 ? I don’t think it would be that much worse. Besides, some DPS have self healing and with 3 its not unlikely at least one will have it