9vs9 could work. But there is a catch

Gotcha, cheers.

Adds some detail. I had understood it to be cross-platform architecture and compatibility constraints. So they over-optimized for 6v6 and didn’t provision at all for scaling up? How hard is it to pump things up to 7v7 and rebuild. AAA has progressed by 5+ years and OW2 can’t/won’t do 7v7 because not enough cost/benefit ? Yikes.

Well “benefit” is exactly the point.

If you don’t expect 7vs7 to replace the current main mode of the game you can hardly justify to throw a disproportionate amount of resources into creating it.

It might be fun to try it, but it simply isn’t worth the effort for just another Arcade Mode.

For example they could instead put those resources into realizing crossplay between consoles and PC - which certainly belongs at a much higher place in the devs priority list.

Seems to be the case. Their mentality in approaching changes to OW has changed drastically over the years, and in the past they were definitely very steadfast in OW being “their vision”, rather than really considering the state of competitive.

I believe it was Geoff whatever-his-name-is who famously said “Brig is balanced and was added to the game for a reason”. Cut to some 19 consecutive nerfs.

So them designing it for 6v6 as the absolute strict cap seems like something they would do. Not to say it makes no sense in terms of optimization, but it was quickly discovered within 1 season that their original vision of the game needed some heavy changes. 24 seasons later and the game has some rather major changes.

I wouldn’t say it’s entirely out of the question, but certainly on the bottom of the scale of likelihood. They’ve taken a more “throw it and if it sticks…” approach to changing the game recently considering some of the complaints around balancing and power-creep, so I can see them trying some form of 2-3-2 or something similar with OW2. I wouldn’t say they’re desperate, but they certainly do seem to be trying just about all they can.