99-100% GPU Usage / FPS Drops on Starting Hero Select Screen and POTG


It was fine in April with stable 60 FPS, but now, sometimes GPU usage up to 99-100% with dropping FPS from 60 to 40-50. This happens randomly, but always on starting hero select screen or on POTG after the match. I don’t know the reason.

No overheating on GPU and CPU.

In-game / on match GPU usage - 50-70%, CPU 40-50%. Medium graphic settings, 1080p. V-sync: ON. 60 FPS lock.

I tried to reinstall the game / repair the game files / reset the settings / reinstall Nvidia driver via DDU, but nothing helped.

PC Spec:

CPU: i7 3770 @ 3.4 GHz
MB: ASUS P8H61 R2.0
RAM: DDR3 1333MHz (12Gb)
HDD: WD10EZEX (OS + Games)
OS: Windows 10 / 1809
Nvidia Driver: 430.64.

This has been happening to me as well, except my CPU will spike to 100% consistently… on the menu, during skirmish/a match, etc. FPS also dips to 20

It feels like it only started with the newest small patch (about fixing a display issue for the mercy skin). Before that everything was working fine

Are either of you using Razer Synapse peripherals? If you are, this sticky thread might address the issue (even if you aren’t crashing or getting the black screen, the update can help):

I don’t use Razer devices or software.

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No Razer software here my PC is pretty minimal haha. I’m running Win 7 as well, just to help rule out any issues being Win 10 only

Ok, the latest two drivers 430.64 and 430.39 (April, May) reduced my performance on GTX 950 in Overwatch.

Now I get a stable 60 FPS. I just returned to 419.35 Nvidia driver and set in-game settings on Medium preset with Lighting Quality and Refraction Quality at Low.

With 430.64 version and Medium Lighting Quality and Refraction Quality, FPS drops from 60 to 40-50 in massive fights. With 419.35 version, FPS drops from 60 to 55.

GG Nvidia.