90% of doubles in Mystery Heroes break the game

Maybe for christmas we can get a mode that doesn’t involve as much randomness?


You want a game mode based on RNG to not have as much RNG ?
I think you have many others available mate … pretty much ANYTHING else besides Mystery heroes or Mystery FFA and you will be fine.

They tested “unique” role mystery heroes and it was not fun, specially because if you are locked into a role, your heroes will not be that “random” … on the other hand, it will be pretty much QP or Comp but without having to press H.


No, I want a different game mode, one with slightly less RNG.

There’s room for many game modes in this game.


Who doesn’t want Ana three times in a row on a team with three Anas?


I think the worst is 3+ baptists with never ending Immortality field.


Mystery Heroes would be kinda cool if it kept the random respawn aspect but didn’t allow for multiples on a team. That way you still don’t know if your team will be 6 DPS or 5 tanks or maybe well-balanced, but at least you don’t have 3 Mercies at a time…


You are going to have to be more specific than that mate.
What do you mean with slightly less RNG ? Unique heroes? Locked per role? What?

A simple removal of hero stacking would make it feel just way better.

  • Selects mode that contains the word “Mystery”
  • Complains about randomness

Seems legit


I too like to ignore titles and make snide remarks about stuff I haven’t read.

You do?

Well, what’s that like then? Because I certainly didn’t do that.
I made a snide remark about something I have read.

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I ran into 5 bastions when attacking kings row once. That was both awesome and horrible

We can still have stuff like that. I’m not saying change MH. I’m Saying put in MH+, with no doubles.

Like every other game mode where you get to choose your hero and doesn’t allow duplication?

i think you’re missing the point of mystery heroes


“only slightly mysterious mystery heroes”

I like it!

Getting stomped is fun when its random, am I right?

Getting stomped isn’t restricted to Mystery Heroes… Move on and will be better next match.

Fun fact mystery heroes is not random or else tripels of a hero or getting a hero 3 tiems inone game wouldnt happen as much as it does

It really doesn’t happen that often…

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Nah Mystery Heroes is fun. The RNG is fun.

What is not fun is you yourself circling 3 heroes everytime you die and none of them counter the bastion with double orisa and a Baptiste.

You can only do so much.