8 Hour Suspension in Comp for Network Error

Was in the middle of a competitive game as DPS on PS4 and started rubber banding very badly. All of a sudden, got kicked from the game and got put on an 8 hour suspension. I’ve never left a competitive game early before (legit ever, I think it’s so dick if you do) and have never experienced a disconnect like this before. Am a bit upset about the penalty for what was an external fault.

As a note, was unable to rejoin. But internet is still working fine and was able to immediately queue up a QuickPlay game. The prompt of “Game Found!” appeared at the top of the screen but I was never placed back into my original game.

If you want to troubleshoot a connection issue, we can do that here. If you have feedback on how penalties are applied, I recommend reading this pinned thread first:

… and then post your feedback in #competitive-discussion.

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Thank you for the prompt response :slight_smile: I’m assuming it was a one-off issue and will play QuickPlay until the suspension is lifted.