(71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018

Soon, Hog changes, too.
Time to delete Reaper I guess.

How does asking for at minimum a faster teleport equate to us wanting Tracer? Did you even read the rework ideas.

i think giving him strom arrow is a bad idea, give him something more like meteor strike he vanishes and repositions after 2 sec, but doesnt reload would look like moira’s but would allow him to take hg.

a better idea for rmb would be to have him stack some charge on his opponents with his shotguns and when using it deals number of charge x10 damage and heals in the number of chargex5%
like this Paladins - Seris - Ability Breakdown - YouTube

dblossom: is perfect the way it is, maybe make him deals 50% more damage to shields and armor.

Deathblossom’s damage is fine – I only bring it up because I feel Reaper would do better with an ability that allows him to spend a little bit more time in an area rather than “Do this now Wraith away, Do this now wraith away.”

Sure, currently this gameplay may not be the MOST UNDERPOWERED THING EVER but it’s definitely stale gameplay.

then have the ability i talked about that adds charges when shooting, let’s say death blossom regens more when used on enemies marked with charges.

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i really like rework #1 what i would say about shadow step tho is it should be almost instantaneous (something similer to dishonord’s blink ability) would make him more maneuverable which he needs to get close to characters. the thing i don’t understand is that characters with way more range have better movement abilities for some reason.

Edit: also tighten his shotgun spreed a little for crying out loud

Right now his Teleport is often a suicide-button

Just because “some people use him for this one map in this one situation” doesn’t make him viable.

Its like saying Bastion needed a nerf because of pirate ship on Junkertown.


honestly reaper just gets outplayed by everything in the current meta, and his pickrate in pro matches is obscenely low for such a high potential character. reaper needs buffs, and with the symmetra, mercy, and torb reworks i don’t think a rework will really harm the community

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I agree, he struggels even at killing a Sym-turret, which is out of his reach.

I really, really like the idea of a smoke grenade to help make him a sniper counter and disrupter. Maybe only reaper can see through the smoke, and it has a cool visual for him too.

I would also like to see wraith form heal him for say 15-20 hp/second and be moved to his alt fire. So it charges like bastion’s heal, and can be used as needed and moves him quickly around the battlefield, but can be depleted if not carefully managed.

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I think you underestimate reaper’s lifesteal. Vs a 200 hp target who gets no healing, you get 40 hp compared to 50 hp from an old orb. But you get the hp during the fight when it’s useful, instead of after the fight when you’ve already won.

Vs a tank or enemy who’s getting healed, just bodyshots lets you self-heal for 56 hp/s - that’s more than a mercy beam and almost twice as much as moria’s life-steal. Even vs full armor when you can’t land a single headshot, you self-heal for 28 compared to moira’s 30.

Reaper’s definitely in a bad spot, but his lifesteal is plenty good.

The problem with life leach is that if you flank a 200 hp target, chances are you’re going to have full health, so that first 50-100 or so damage shot (and most likely your second shot) equates to absolutely zero hp regen. So now their team should in theory begin focusing you sooner than later, which you’ll need to wraith away quickly after they do. So in theory life leach is better. But in reality, not always, but most of the time. The globes encouraged getting kills and allowed for better sustain when you were killing squishies, whereas as it currently stands, life leach is great when you focus tanks. I wouldn’t be opposed to each kill you secure dropping a 15-25 hp health globe. This would help for the scenarios I mentioned and let’s you keep the battlefield littered with a few that you can use at your discretion or in case of emergency


With all due respect; I’m not. His life steal sucks. I’ve got 200 hours on this character across my accounts and have played him at every rank.
I average maybe 400-500 healing total in a game, my old average with soul globes was something like 1200.

Your numbers aren’t accounting for his massive damage fall-off which is ALWAYS applied in every single situation because no one stands still to let you walk up to him and even if you got the drop, there is so much mobility / shields to where you’re not dishing out enough damage to atleast delay your death by a second.

The reason why soul globes were so nice because they enabled you to flank and get healed up (even if your teammates help you secure the kill – cuz uhh if you’re on the flank and Widow gets the headshot on that tank you were hoping to score a leech on, guess what no heals for you.)

Posting numbers doesn’t make it good. You have to think about the situation and the current state of the game.


I really hope the devs will recognize his state…

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I’ve always been a fan of adding power to reapers kit in the form of utility over a straight damage buff. So I’m a big fan of the smoke granade that either slows or let’s reaper negate the effects of armor.

With that said I do this he needs a slight tweak on his shotguns to be more reliable.

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I agree. I think adding power is more likely to over buff him, rather than added utility to help him in other ways. Minor tweaks in his shotgun, and tweaking/buffing shadowstep would be a great start.

And like you, I think smokes with slight added utility would be great and really fun. I don’t think a big amount of slow would be well received with all the CC hate. But just enough to allow Reaper to finish targets more easily, disallow the enemy from easily rushing back to point (looking at you point B Hanamura/Volskaya/Horizon), or assist in enemies trying to escape. Would also allow him and teammates to push through chokes more easily.

Yeah. I agree. Like I said above, they have a bit of different uses and with that, different positives and negatives. He became the token “tank buster” when he gained life leach, as it’s better for mid battle sustain when you can feed off tanks. But the globes really added so much. I’d let the globes sit until I needed it. Just need to assassinate one target and then it really snowballed from there.

Also, people’s calculations usually don’t take into account that you’re usually not doing 100% of the damage to a target. And the enemies that you are doing 100% of the damage to are typically squishies, which means minimal hp return. And usually you kill such a target before they have time to react and do much damage to you at all. So minimal to no life steal in that case, and no life globe for later

He doesn’t need to be reworked but he needs some help. The spread pattern is pretty abysmal as shooting Symmetra sentries down from mid-range can be a challenge for him so that should definitely be looked at. That being said one of the bigger flaws in his design is that his kit is made to be a tankbuster but his ultimate is something you use against squishies. If you use it against a fully prepared tank you’re going to have a bad time

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Yeah, kinda everyone agrees that he needs some improvments, but not the sledgehammer