(71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018


But his ability to flank (shadowstep) sucks…


I really wanna know, if the PTR patch hits today…


I’m sure he’ll get his fix at some point. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Then again, my experience in TF2 has taught me to be extremely patient with updates. Blizzard ain’t got nothin’ on Valve’s slow pace.

Still waiting on the Heavy update.
[quiet heavy-main sobbing]


I hope you are right.
My biggest issue is still shadowstep it’s underwhelming.


Reaper buff is coming guys !!




THANK YOU DEVS 10/23/2918

I didn’t know that we suddenly aged 900 years in the blink of an eye…
(might wanna correct that title :yum:)




Randomness reduced by 50%? Lifesteal increased to 30%? All that on top of buffs for Hog’s hook and spread? Consider me a happy man!


Updated the thread at the top with a little message. I’m no longer complaining now. I’m more wishful bantering, and by all means I LOVE the changes introduced today. It will take many weeks before I can accurately tell how much his potential has increased.

The last missing puzzle piece to Reaper’s kit is in regards to Shadow Step. Reaper is hitting closer to perfection. I am happy we are taking steps in the right direction. Thank you Devs for all your hard work.

Fellow Reaper mains, stay edgy, stay passionate. :heart:


You can’t be serious. These changes barely make a difference. They didn’t even address Reaper’s biggest issue: Shadow Step.

Reaper is now ever-so-slightly better at what he was already good at but still has all the weaknesses that he has before.


We gotta keep some weaknesses. Wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if he didn’t have them.


That’s not the point. I’m not saying that they should make Reaper an unkillable god. They just addressed none of his problems.

His Hellfire Shotguns still suck at hitting enemies with small hitboxes, his Shadow Step is still the most useless movement ability in the entire game, and his Wraith Form and Shadow Step still have long cooldowns.


You know that reduced spread helps here, right?


Not nearly enough, though.


These changes have made him even stronger in the frontline which is what I wanted. Shadow Step is still bad, yes but playing Reaper has at least made me happier. The leech is extremely noticeable and my damage is consistent.

I’m not going to make 10,000 threads crying about me not getting everything that I wanted. I take what is offered and me and try to be constructive about the next things I’ll ask for. I’m keeping this thread active for a shadow step change, but I’m not going to threaten the Devs that I’m quitting . As a Reaper main that’s played since closed beta, I’ve got a huge grin on my face. I love the changes.

The Devs haven’t given up. There is now no doubt in my mind that perhaps we will see more changes in the future. As stated somewhere else, this patch primarily focused on shotgun changes. It was less focused on a complete hero overhaul.

Blessing to you, sir/madam.


Sounds like the angle of fire for his Shotguns haven’t changed, just the pattern is now less random inside of that same spread. They really needed to reduce his fire cone somewhat.


Ye thats kinda the wording they used, i guess it can be a bit confusing, either way its a great QOL improvement for every party, but… it doesnt really do anything for his power-level… sure its more reliable but its still the same dmg, where u would deal 70-140 u deal 95 most of the time.
'n ye i feel like either they do reduce the spread / rework his pellet count (either one would help with his armor issue) or make Shadow Step a useful cooldown… still hes way too weak.


Do y’all think it’s enough for Reaps to be Reapy enough?