700+ Hours on Torb [PTR Rework]


Pretty sure you’ve witnessed one of these.


but it has been corrected, read carefully the notes. :sweat_smile:

completely agree on the uselessness of the hammer. or rather, the only use would be to repair a turret without moving it, but at that point I wonder if it makes sense to have a double weapon for him. or at least, have skills that can be activated only when the hammer is on.

I think the overload can be the new “valkyrie”: make a luminous character like super mario in “rainbow-time” that does normal things but better. it is perhaps a wasted opportunity to create something interesting. maybe with the hammer he could repair the armor of his teammates.

but it will be judged once out of the ptr. certainly it does so much more damage. the armor modules removed them because he had great difficulty in giving them to the teammates without them reaching him.

yes, it is very beautiful aesthetically as well as being always different depending on the skin. but it has lost much of its actual use now.


Torb is now focused on hitting his shots instead of relying on his turret to do his job for him. Personally, I’m glad that the level 3 turret is dead and also glad that the level 2 turret is now 250 HP instead of 300


The problem with old torb is everyone played him wrong. I havent lost game in comp while playing him this season. To be fair iv only played him a handfull of times.


The problem with old Torb is that once the enemy team is good enough to render the turret meaningless, he’s just diet Reaper.


See, Torb’s gun is really good, but it’s so hard to get those shots off without dying… mainly due to mobility issues.

Torb has no protection and no escape.

So I guess I’m saying… let Torb wall-ride.

edit: I keep forgetting his alt-ability gives him shields now


What they could’ve done was make the turret “smart” in level 3 mode. It doesn’t aim at a deflect, Zarya bubble, anyone behind a shield, and if nobody is around to shoot, it attempts shooting the closest person or least health even if it can’t.


I know you’ve put a lot of hours into torb but… if I have to chose between listening to Fuey or random internet dude that somehow doesn’t see the value of Overload then I’m going with Fuey.

It also seems kinda crazy to me that you make the ability to choose who your turret fires at sound like a small addition. It’s not a small addition, that’s huge.


And in my experience, it’s been true for Symmetra. So maybe this Torb rework will be as great as the Sym rework! Yes!!!


Huh? In Torb 1.0 they’re shooting your turret indefinitely because even a tiny amount of chip damage takes an entire hammer strike to repair, and you can’t upgrade unless it’s at full health.

In Torb 2.0 it can die, but damage doesn’t interfere with its build rate. And since it builds faster anyway, it’s far less likely to die to incoming fire before getting some value than before.


I think the issue is that you are stuck in the “vanilla engineer” playstyle from tf2, where all you do is place the turret, upgrade the turret, and get the kills. But new torb has the “gunslinger engineer” playstyle where you place your turret in locations that can help you secure kills, and that you are always placing it in new spots. I might be wrong


Symmetra and Shields say hi.


Torb needs a grappling hook. Who wouldn’t want to see Spider-Torb??!!


If you’re using his hammer instead of secondary in close combat, I don’t really know what to tell you.

Sort of irrelevant now that it stays at level one.

You didn’t get more “damage”. You got better attack speed, better projectile speed, better reload speed.
For one, and I have a Torb gold gun too, I think the changes are amazing and will bring a new versatile DPS to the table.


Nawh m8 let torbjorn ride his turret and make it wallrun and wall climb.

that’s what torbjorn really needs.



If Torbjorn’s ult melt’s through all of Mei’s abilites i will literally one trick him.


Symmetra was pretty much ruined and they’re re-working Torb the same way.


They did that.

Overload provides that now without the risk of ending your lv 3’s reign of terror short.


I think the rework is going to make him much stronger, he will be better than he is now.

I think you still need to repair the turret with it so there’s that

I don’t mean to sound like a tool but I feel like if you have 700+ hours on a hero and are still low ranked you don’t have as good of an understanding as you think. I’d rather listen to someone like Jayne since he’s shown to have an effective understanding of the game and its heroes. It seems like rather than you having legitimate issues with the balance you’re just upset about the hero being changed, much like what we saw people doing with Sym


You may not mean to sound like a tool but you’re certainly coming off that way.

I’m low ranked because I solo queue on xbox and 60% of the time my team tilts out of the gate. So, no, I’m not a dagran or whoever the kids like to watch, but I’ve watched some pro-Torbs and they play exactly the same way I do.

The difference is that (usually) they are on PC and their teammates actually work with them while yelling at them. Also, they don’t really play as many games on comp.

Anyway, thanks for trying to be snarky.