700+ Hours on Torb [PTR Rework]


No excuse me, you haven’t seen my sick plays where I just go Attack Hammer Only Torb. Hammer is great, Im glad it stayed.


You can destroy it and get a 5 sec cd instead? I think. Tho I agree, I would like a “hold shift” functionality where we place it old school way instead.


That’s in there . . .


I heard someone say that, but I didn’t see it in the Dev note I read or the video I watched, so that’s another good thing to add.


Am I reading this right, you think torb should always be able to have a level 3 turret?


It’s the first Torb change listed in the patch notes.


What I mean is molten core should raise a level 1 to a level 3, and that if Torb dies during molten core, the turret should remain at level 3 for the normal duration of the ult (instead of reverting as soon as he dies).

That’s because his ult is the kind that can’t be “interrupted” so it is supposed to stay after his death, excluding Sombra’s hack of course.


What if:

  • Hammering teammates creates armor, more you hammer more armor they get up to 75.

(Lemme hammer da butt and giff armor)


Wouldn’t you agree that his ultimate is area denial enough without the level 3 turret though?


I’m not very experienced with torb. But I heard good things about the rework from infamous fuey500.

To me personally it seems like a good rework.


Just make his hammer his normal melee attack. He can melee his own turret to repair it. No more needing to swap back and forth between hammer and gun.


His hammer needs to be the flamethrower.


Pretty sure the throwable turrets is to make it feel more fluent. You previously couldn’t place a turret if a teammate was in the way. They changed this for Symmetra and I think they’re both great changes!


So you don’t likeeeee?


His new gun fixes are amazing and will make players actually focus on using the hero instead of just hammering at a turret and tossing out packs.

The Lava Spray is actually insane in the current meta. Its essentially designed to counter the GOATS comp or any team thats enabled by his daughter.

Just like how Dive is still viable in certain circumstances but come with risks, now GOATS will be viable in some conditions, but will always have to be wary of Sombra, Pharah and now Torb.

Seems like the direction Blizzard wants is to have a variety of comps become viable, but players must be prepared to switch off to adapt to battlefield conditions (which is the point of Overwatch).


Pretty sure you’ve witnessed one of these.


but it has been corrected, read carefully the notes. :sweat_smile:

completely agree on the uselessness of the hammer. or rather, the only use would be to repair a turret without moving it, but at that point I wonder if it makes sense to have a double weapon for him. or at least, have skills that can be activated only when the hammer is on.

I think the overload can be the new “valkyrie”: make a luminous character like super mario in “rainbow-time” that does normal things but better. it is perhaps a wasted opportunity to create something interesting. maybe with the hammer he could repair the armor of his teammates.

but it will be judged once out of the ptr. certainly it does so much more damage. the armor modules removed them because he had great difficulty in giving them to the teammates without them reaching him.

yes, it is very beautiful aesthetically as well as being always different depending on the skin. but it has lost much of its actual use now.


Torb is now focused on hitting his shots instead of relying on his turret to do his job for him. Personally, I’m glad that the level 3 turret is dead and also glad that the level 2 turret is now 250 HP instead of 300


The problem with old torb is everyone played him wrong. I havent lost game in comp while playing him this season. To be fair iv only played him a handfull of times.


The problem with old Torb is that once the enemy team is good enough to render the turret meaningless, he’s just diet Reaper.