-70 SR for disconnect?!

Why right now when you will get disconnect you are receiving -50 SR on the role that you were in the game and -10 SR on the rest each?

What is this system now? It’s punishing you even more than was before without the roles in the competitive.


This system severely punished rage quitters. Or maybe helps throwers.
working as intended.

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Yeah lol in every 99 games you can safely leave 9 games resulting in -450 sr to main role and -90 sr to other roles.

Good. The punishment for vacating a game, regardless of cause, should be harsh. If it causes you to pause and consider your connection strength, all the better.


Leaving does not affect MMR, only SR, so leaving is useless as far as throwing is concerned.

See 3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs).


I’m with pretty much everyone else. Leaver penalties need to be extremely harsh. If you’re connection drops but you can get back in, then no penalty, but if you actually leave the match for real, then yeah.

I know it stinks when you have a connection problem that isn’t your fault, or suddenly get a phone call that your brother has been in a car wreck or whatever, I get it, life happens. But a single leaver ruins the game experience for 11 other people, so yeah. No bueno.


Yup, get better internet or just play the other modes.


I didnt say it does, I know that. But its commonly used tactic by derankers to safely leave every 11 games to lower their SR, if they play bad in games between, their MMR is lower too so leaving will speed up the process.

This is not how hidden MMR works at all. The whole point of hidden MMR is to prevent people from doing this it does not speed up the process by reducing their SR but not their MMR. They will still be playing against the same skill level people as before they left games.

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Your post indicates some deep confusion about what SR and MMR are, but I’m not sure what the source of the confusion is.

Its not the confusion, its reality as I know some derankers very well and they are doing this often with good results.

Lets say you will be 2500 player but you will be playing like total garbage so your MMR will be actualy lower than your SR by 200 points right? For example lets say your SR will be 2500 and your MMR will be 2300. Now, if you leave a game, it wont change your MMR, but it will bring your SR closer and faster to your MMR. Derankers have goal and its for example bronze 1300 SR, they dont care about the MMR really as its not visible number anyway.

We only know some things about MMR. We dont know how far can SR be from MMR actualy or do we? Maybe there is a limit as its impossible to be at 1000 SR and have MMR of gold player. Even if you will be top1 player on bronze account playing the best as you can, you will not go into gold games, most likely not even silver games so your MMR cant be that different from your SR.

Is I said, I know people who do this and its working for them.

I will talk about my personal experience I had once. I had some connection issues and actualy dropped from 3 games in row. I cant really remember the SR, I think I was at 2600. The next game after leaving I won and gained like 70 SR. I think it was like that because game wanted to bring me back closer to my MMR which stayed 2600. But what If I would lose that game and next 2 instead with very poor stats? Game would most likely think I belong lower and change my MMR to match my SR. And the 3 games I dropped would help me achieve lower SR faster.

I’m pretty sure this is never the case. I don’t know derankers, but I have recorded many bronze → GM or unranked → GM Streamer Data - Google Sheets. This is the same sort of thing, but in reverse. If someone’s SR and MMR are significantly different, then the SR average of the two teams will show systematic bias (the team with the higher/lower MMR player will have a lower/higher average SR). I’ve never seen a significantly significant effect here, except with decayed players, where it is obvious.

A separate way of seeing MMR/SR differential is by looking at SR gained/lost per game. After a leave (or decay) there is a very obvious SR buff (shown in the 3000+ link, above), that is visible after a single leave (where MMR is higher than SR by 50).


This hypothesis is not reasonable, and you did not test it. SR is moved towards MMR (official blizzard statements, all data I have), not the other way around.

I’m guessing they are about as smart as the average forum user here, and they are hallucinating their totally awesome deranking strategy. But if you have SR vs game, (with leaving marked) I can analyze it for evidence.


You need new friends.

Maybe I was trying to explain it in too complicated way. I will try to explain why its effective way how to lower your SR for some individuals.

Based on what my friend told me, low bronze accounts are actualy more expensive than GM account, because its apparently actualy harder to get to low bronze than to GM. Its actualy hilarious. So there are people who derank accounts to sell them. They have lets say goal to derank account into 1000 SR. If they are at 1200 SR, they will simply leave 4 games and they finished they goal by skipping multiple games and they can sell the account. Thats why I did mention it as effective way to derank an account.

I never saw site where you can buy account but one of my friend did buy bronze account so I have information about prices from him.

And I said I know people who derank, I didnt say they are my good friends :slight_smile:. But the information about this are pre role q. I dont know about situation now to be honest as leaving will effectively lower only one role -50.

Sure, they could leave games at the end of their run to lower SR quickly. They are scamming their buyers (because MMR is not affected), but no big surprise that paid derankers have questionable ethics.

That happened to me once, since they change that. I was also sure you will get just -50SR on the role that you were in the game. Also, anytime if I was getting dc before I was able to get back to the game, this time I got dc and not option to rejoin the match.

yep it’s pretty dumb

It’s not, if anything the punishments are too lax as they do not dissuade anyone with an intent to leave.

May I ask, what deranking an account might actually be good for?

To have a fresh start from the bottom? To be the boss for 30 games? … I can’t fathom …

Some people just like to watch the world burn

Most people aren’t suited for the mental and emotional stresses of an actual competitive environment.

Basically it’s for the endorphins

I like harsher punishments for leavers, if it actually did anything. Most leavers don’t care if they lose SR and usually the people that do are the ones who genuinely get D/Ced usually because overwatch did something and it causes random disconnects, like when they come out with an event and suddenly people who don’t have net problems are getting kicked from the game mid play out of nowhere.