7 v 7 could save the day

You’re such a nerd lmao

nah. i’m just rooted in the practicality of reality.

Why stop at 7?
Make it 10v10

10 ults at once, bring the noise, bring the clutter, bring the blur of confusion!

why 10? likely too far beyond what you’re use to or can handle.
speaking of blur, if activision didn’t ruin those developers, there would likely be a blur 2. can someone buy the usage rights from activsion and reassemble the bizarre creations dev team or reassign development? i’ll chip in if serious. letting blur rot by not releasing a follow up makes zero monetary sense.

I’ve always said 7v7 would be much better than 5v5. If you add a single DPS spot for 2 tanks, 3 dps, and 2 healers it would accomplish so much.

An extra DPS slot would help with the queue times. It would prevent Double Shield from being oppressive since an extra DPS can help shred shields quicker. And it would also create room for interesting team comps that focus on the last spot being for either a pure DPS, a hybrid tank DPS, or a hybrid healer DPS.

bro u are 19 days late just dont talk

you can never be late for that which is yours.
you can never be late for wanting an update.
therefore, your insult backfired immediately.
as such, take your own advice. i get it. i was
suppose to make a new post for the same
topic? what an idiot. you’re a 5 v 5 fanatic.
i get it.

It would literally be worse than 5v5 and 6v6. You’d have all the problems of 6v6 with tank synergy, plus more problems with dps synergy. You’d have to restrict who can play what based on what other people have chosen, which would be terrible for a hero shooter.

Otherwise, you’d end up with problems like triple sniper and triple flanker. It’d be such a massive overhaul that you’d have to nerf everyone.

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Hard disagree.

Vs…Double Sniper that’s oppressive right now with just a single tank? At least adding another tank and another DPS can help deal with it. So I’m not sure what the difference is.

So just like 5v5?

Let’s make this game a 4 dps vs bot zombies with miniboss in PvE.

Wait ! That Left 4 Dead 2 !

No, Let’s go full 8v8. In my experience, the more players that have been in a game, across any game mode, has increased the fun factor

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The 12vs12 in Team Fortress 2 is a total chaos and a total fun.

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7v7 will never work. If you think double sniper is oppressive, wait until teams run triple sniper or triple flanker. Low ranks would be especially bad, with teams running Junkrat, Bastion and Pharah.

Double Shield wouldn’t matter in that case. You could also just run Dive and, you know, make sure the supports don’t get to play the game at all. Queue times would skyrocket, since you need an extra four players for a match. Healing would need to be buffed to account for two extra players, or damage would need to be nerfed. Neither change is healthy for the game.

It just creates a chain of knock-on effects that is impossible to balance.

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The devs do nothing but lie of course they could do all that stuff their just too lazy.

That is a lie. The engine supports as high as 12vs12. That 12v12 bug back in OW1 worked fine until blizzard did a little patch and then suddenly those games crashed after like 1 minute play.

bros back acting like Shakespeare again. You’re not a poet, you are a random on the Overwatch Forums, who frankly no one really cares about. We are disproving your idiotic take and that is it. “5v5 Fanatic” sure let’s go with that, the objectively better direction for the game I am a fanatic for. If you bring up people do care because your “topic has 276 posts” then that disproves it farther, I’ve made a topic that has well over 1000 replies and I’m relatively unknown on the forums.

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i don’t disagree

would you like me to compile a list of things i’m responsible for?
besides i’ve saved more players lives than you.
more players have won with me than you.

my soliloquies are phone friendly

truth is poetic

5v5 is scheduled for extinction. how can you not see that?

Overwatch is scheduled for extinction if they don’t fix their game. 5v5 is not the problem, it is an extremely unbalanced and not user friendly game.

well for many, 5 v 5 was the final straw

then quit not much more to say.

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